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September 27, 2022

Are You Running A High-End or Low-End Health Club?
by Brian Cannone

Are You Running A High-End or Low-End Health Club?

Sit back for a minute and figure out who you're trying to market to for your business. Are you trying to get huge volumes of people into your health club at a cheap price, smaller amounts of people at a premium price, or are you simply trying to market to every person you see on the street?

If you're trying to get everybody and anybody into your business, you're setting yourself up for failure!

Being a specialist is one of the absolute best things you can do. There are several levels in being a specialist, but it's usually not necessary to become so specific that you're only catering to a certain income bracket in a certain gender and a certain type of working out.

And yes, I've seen people do this!

All I'm saying is that you should pick - do you want to cater to a volume of people at low prices or a select group of people at higher prices and more of a "high end" kind of health club?

If you land in the middle, you'll be sending mixed messages. People won't be able to really "get" what kind of health club they're about to join, and guess what - they won't join!

But when you specialize, even just a little and pick a specific income bracket, people will notice and they'll be more comfortable knowing the fact that they'll be working out with the same kind of people they are.

And believe it or not, all you have to do is start specializing and the value of your health club goes up instantly. I'm not sure why this happens, but think about this. Who gets paid more, a family doctor or a heart surgeon? The heart surgeon gets paid much more.

Are You Running A High-End or Low-End Health Club?


Because they're specializing in a certain area and people trust them more!

And in terms of a health club, this has the same affect.

Trust me, rich people usually don't want to be a part of the same health club as poor people and vice versa. Why do you think some golf clubs are tens of thousands of dollars per year to join? Because people like to be part of the same social group they're used to hanging around with!

There is a major difference between a high-end and low-end health club. You just need to figure out which one yours is closer to, make a few changes, and jump into that category and start marketing to those types of people.

And speaking of marketing, once you specialize it becomes 100% easier. Instead of trying to market to "everybody" you then know you're only trying to reach a specific type of person. Then doing your research and figuring out where to advertise becomes much easier because all you have to do is figure out where those types of people will be looking, and start advertising in those places.

It's really as simple as that - don't make it over complicated!


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