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November 26, 2022

Healthy Support System
By Jonas Forsberg

Healthy Support System

As with anything in life, a support system can make or break your goals.

For example, letís say you are overweight, and your friends are overweight, and health is the last topic the group of you would ever choose to talk about.

However, one day you decide to make some positive lifestyle changes. You decide you are going to start a fat loss program and start taking a little better care of yourself before itís too late. So why donít you tell your friends?

Believe it or not, this happens more often than not, for a couple of reasons.

For one, you may be afraid that your friends will distance themselves from you or even make fun of you because ďyou are not the person you used to be.Ē

Another reason could be that you are afraid of offending your friends because you are trying to change from being the way that they are.

This is more common than you could ever imagine! People are actually afraid to lose weight because they donít want to hurt those around them.

Healthy Support System

But in order to succeed in anything in life, you need support! It doesnít matter if it comes from friends, family, colleagues - you name it!

If you are really having trouble finding support, you can get it online, where youíll find tons of forums established just for this purpose.

Believe me, support can seriously make or break your success.

Getting back to our example, though, my other point is this. If someone is going to make fun of you or ridicule you for making such a positive lifestyle change, maybe you should stop and think - are these people really my friends?

Shouldnít our friends ENCOURAGE us to do what is best for ourselves? Just something to think about.

But anyway - support! If you donít have it, get it!

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