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September 27, 2022

Gym Time - Why Doesn't It Work?
By Jonas Forsberg

Gym Time - Why Doesn't It Work?

It is SO EASY to spend two whole hours in the gym and accomplish a whole 20 minutes worth of work. How?

Well, does the following situation sound familiar?

You leave work and arrive at the gym at 5:00 pm. You really like this gym because a lot of your buddies come here as well. You head straight to the locker room to get ready for your workout and run into a few of them. You decide youíre going to hit the cardio equipment for a 5-minute warm-up before diving into your strength training routine.

First you go to the chest press machine, but someone else is using it so you have to wait a few minutes. When itís your turn, you do a set of 10 reps, then decide to rest for 30 seconds. In the meantime, one of your buddies walks up and the two of you chat for a while about your day, and then you start on your second set. This cycle continues throughout your workout, with more intense training on some machines and more intense chatting on others.

Over an hour and six exercises later, your workout is complete. You do a little stretching, a little more chatting and then you hit the showers. You leave the gym at 7:00pm.

Gym Time - Why Doesn't It Work?

If this pattern sounds familiar, then itís probably time to make some changes if your goal is improved health and a more attractive body. It is time to take a look at what is more important - the quantity of time you spend working out or the quality of that time.

Letís face it. It has just taken you 2 hours to complete 6 exercises. You did those exercises on machines, which are designed to do most of the work for you and actually increase your chances of getting injured. In reality, over half of the workout you just did consisted of rest.

The Solution?

Skip the machines. Perform bodyweight and free weight exercises in circuits. By increasing intensity you will achieve a more functional, healthier body- and at the same time you will cut your exercise time in more than half!

And one more thought - why spend your hard-earned money on expensive gym memberships when you can perform better exercises in the comfort of your own home?

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