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September 25, 2022

Don't Waste Your Money On Your Office At The Gym
by Brian Cannone

Don't Waste Your Money On Your Office At The Gym

When I walk into the different health clubs around the country, there is one thing I see that always bugs me. This simple thing is costing people tons of money and is wasting a lot of time that could be better used in a more productive way.

What is it?

Having a big, fancy office!

Let me tell you something. Even though the health club I run is very nice, professional and would look like it would need an office - the only thing I personally have is a desk, phone, and a cabinet for a few items I need to keep.

That's it!

I would rather spend my time "out in the trenches" than hiding away in my office where nobody could see me. I'm always interacting with my members and that's what they love about my health club. You see, especially in today's world, most businesses are very impersonal with their clients. That's why if you start becoming more personal with them, you'll automatically stand out from the crowd and become the business they always want to stick with because you're just a little bit different.

Don't Waste Your Money On Your Office At The Gym

Offices also tend to serve as a kind of hiding place for most managers, owners and even employees. It's the place where people go when they don't feel like working or don't want to deal with a certain client.

Well, guess what? It's better to tackle the fear head on than to sit in the office and never deal with it because it ALWAYS comes back to haunt you!

Once you're in the office, it's much too easy to simply relax and let your mind wander. I know you might need that from time to time and that's fine, but all too often I see business owners wasting half the day sheltered in their offices where nobody can find them.

Wouldn't it be better to get out into the action and mix it up with your members? Not only will their needs be taken care of better, but they'll love your business more because you're one of the very few business owners who actually seems to care about them!

Ok, so what if you already have a big office? What if you spent a lot of money putting it in, decorating it and making it look all fancy?



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