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January 29, 2023

Gene Research and Nutrition
By Eric Talmant for CriticalBench.com

Gene Research and Nutrition

This past week, I was talking with my massage therapist Liz and we were discussing gene research and gene expression; and how they relate to one’s overall outlook on health. I imagine this is a topic that we will begin to hear more and more about in the future. I would like to go on the record and say that the scientific research in this field will not disprove but rather will validate the principles of Metabolic Typing® that Bill Wolcott and HealthExcel have been touting for the last 30 years. From a reactive standpoint, gene research will probably be able to (it better!) identify what foods are adverse for one’s metabolism and which ones are okay. However, there are many things that we Metabolic Typing® advisors believe genetic research won’t be able to do that Metabolic Typing® can:

  • ID the Dominant energy-producing system (Dominance Factor) in one’s metabolism relative to effects of foods and nutrients (Autonomic or Oxidative)

  • Determine – and explain -- how foods and nutrients will behave in the body – stimulating or inhibiting

  • Determine – and explain -- how foods and nutrients will behave in the body – acidifying or alkalizing

  • Indicate the proper kinds of proteins for the MT

  • Indicate the proper kinds of fats for the MT

  • Indicate the proper kinds of carbohydrates for the MT

  • Indicate the proper macro nutrient ratios for each meal and snack (based upon MT, extent of MT imbalance, and circadian rhythm requirements)

  • Distinguish between Genetic Type vs. Functional Type requirements for foods

  • Distinguish between Genetic Type vs. Functional Type requirements for nutrients

  • Recommend which nutrients are needed to address Fundamental Homeostatic Control (FHC) Functional Type Imbalances

  • Recommend which forms (acid vs. alkaline) of nutrients are needed to address FHC Functional Type Imbalances

  • Recognize, evaluate and (successfully) address the FHC Imbalances in each individual:

- Autonomic
- Oxidative
- Prostaglandin Balance
- Constitutional Type
- Catabolic(Aerobic)/Anabolic(Anaerobic) Balance
- Endocrine Type
- Electrolyte Stress/Insufficiency
- 6 Acid/Alkaline Imbalances
- Blood Type
- Steroidal Hormone Balance
- Neurotransmitter Balance

  • Recognize, evaluate and (successfully) address the Blocking Factors/Stressors

  • Recognize, evaluate and (successfully) address the significance of Heavy Metals in metabolism

  • Recognize, evaluate and (successfully) address the need for optimal Digestion, Hydration, Elimination and Detoxification

  • Recognize, evaluate and (successfully) address the fact that the body is structured via a hierarchical organization where:

- Nutrients behave differently on different levels
- Any nutrient can have opposite effects (in different Metabolic Types)
- Any disease can arise from opposite biochemical imbalances (in different Metabolic Types)
- Nutrient levels necessarily need to be understood in terms of being a:

  1. Quantitative Excess

  2. Qualitative Insufficiency

  3. Qualitative Excessive Utilization

  4. Quantitative Deficiency

  5. Problem vs. Defense (against a problem)

We in the Metabolic Typing® community believe that Metabolic Typing® will always be able to take anyone from wherever they are on the disease-health spectrum and systematically and certifiably optimize genetic potential and develop vibrant health. Gene research may be able to play a supporting role in developing vibrant health, but I will go on record and say that alone it will not be able to do what Metabolic Typing® can do. ;) Let’s see if this proves to be true…

Gene Research and Nutrition

About Eric Talmant

Eric Talmant is a top lightweight powerlifter and has a "passion for all things nutrition." A 1996 graduate of the University of Evansville, Eric is a certified Metabolic Typing® advisor and Functional Diagnostic nutritionist.


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