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March 4, 2024

Do I Need To Gain Weight To Gain Strength?
By Eric Talmant for CriticalBench.com

Do I Need To Gain Weight To Gain Strength?

Question: Believe me, if I had any specific suggestions for you, I wouldn't be on this side of the Q&A. My own bench isn't worth discussing, so I was simply wondering what avenues you explored prior to reaching your current plateau (for lack of a better term).

After reading everything you've tried, the only reasonable thing I can think of is to gain some weight. And if I ever come up with something better than that, I'll be sure to pass it along.

Best of luck!

Do I Need To Gain Weight To Gain Strength?


I was just simply stating that in the span of 7+ years of consistent training and competing in 4-5 meets a year that Dave and I have tried many, many different things (not only with ourselves but hundreds of lifters all around the world). Nevertheless, if someone has followed my training log over the 2 years I have been with Elite and are aware of everything that we have tried; and if they see something they think we have missed or that would be plausible for me to try-then we are all ears!

I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way-really; but when I receive comments and emails (not referring to you-just generally speaking) telling me that I should try "floor presses", it is a waste of my time. Do you honestly think that I have not tried floor presses? This is the only point that I am making; that if you want to suggest something to me then please take it seriously, just as I will take your suggestions seriously. Once again, I am speaking in general terms here to everybody that follows my log.

Having said that, I will say that we welcome astute suggestions. If you have them, please submit them :)

Be well!

About Eric Talmant

Eric Talmant is a top lightweight powerlifter and has a "passion for all things nutrition." A 1996 graduate of the University of Evansville, Eric is a certified Metabolic TypingŪ advisor and Functional Diagnostic nutritionist.


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