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November 26, 2022
Funny Things At The Gym: Part II
by The Musclehead

Alright, so if you thought the last story was good, wait until you hear about the guy in this story today. It happened a while ago, but I still remember it pretty well. In fact, whenever I feel sad (And thatís not often, trust me) I just think back to this day and a smile creeps back onto my face.

To be honest I canít remember exactly what I was doing at the time, but I remember seeing a handful of young guys walking around the gym carrying plates. This definitely caught my eye, so I had a look at what they were doing with all these plates.

Turns out one of their buddies thought he was a bit of a hero. After putting around 1000 pounds onto the leg press machine, the hero jumped onto the machine and pumped himself up for the big push. I wouldíve been shocked if he couldíve actually done this properly, so I still kept my eyes on him as he began to liftoff.

Funny Things At The Gym: Part II Iíll give him some credit, he was able to move the whole heap of plates a couple of inches, but then he decided heíd had enough, so he began to move the weights downwards. And this is when it all began to go wrong. Just before he moved the safety catches back into place, his knees gave away and the weights came crashing down, pushing his knees right into his face.

It was at this point I leapt to the rescue. I quickly got over there and fixed everything up. While his bonehead buddies were trying their best to push the weights back up the rails, I simply pulled all the plates off one side, so the idiot underneath could easily push the whole thing back up.

This guy was also lucky to get away unhurt (Severely bruised ego), but Iím sure you can see how it couldíve gone from bad to worse. The moral to this story (You knew Iíd get here eventually) is to leave your ego at home. Your ego has no place in the gym. This is some advice that I was given early on and Iím going to try to really hit it home with you today.

If you have trouble detaching your ego each time you go to the gym, try this. When you put your car keys and whatever else in the locker, remember to grab your ego and place it there too. The ego is one of the main causes of stupidity in the gym, so donít ever lift a weight unless you have already dealt with it.

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