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September 27, 2022

How to Set Fitness Goals and Measure Your Success
by Shin Ohtake

How to Set Fitness Goals and Measure Your Success

Tip #1: Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to accomplish?

  • When do I want to reach my goal?

  • Is my goal realistic?

  • What am I willing to do (or give up) to accomplish this goal?

Tip #2: Pick a regular schedule

If you can, schedule a specific time (preferably the same time) each day to workout. This is a great way to make workouts a part of your day, just like going to work or picking up the kids from school. By having a set time everyday to workout, you don't feel like you have to "squeeze" it in, which often results in not doing it at all.

Tip #3: Sign a contract

Hold yourself accountable by creating a contract. It doesn't have to be long, but it should include all the specifics of your goal. As with any real contract, leave a space for your signature-and don't forget to sign on the dotted line!

How to Set Fitness Goals and Measure Your Success

Tip #4: Workout with a friend

Having a workout buddy is a great way to stay motivated - especially when you're having an off day. Your friend can keep you in check and you can return the favor. Plus, it's more fun and you can help each other out.

Tip #5: Always be prepared by having your gym bag with you

Keep your gym bag packed and with you at all times. No more, "...but, I don't have my stuff with me", excuses.

Tip #6: Measure your success

  • Measure your body. I recommend using measuring tape - not a scale. Measuring tape is a much more accurate reading of your body's changing shape. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat (and looks much better).

  • Track your load progression and work performance. Can you lift more than you did last month? Can you perform more work in the same amount of time?

  • Evaluate your energy level. Do your workouts make you feel more energized?

  • Ability to perform everyday tasks. Are you finding it easier to do work around the house, chase the kids, or play extra-curricular sports?

Tip #7: Reward yourself

Commitment isn't always easy - especially when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Giving yourself something to look forward to is a great motivator to stay on track. So go ahead, treat yourself.

Shin Ohtake is the author of the world-famous fitness program, MAX Workouts. To learn more about how you can get ultra lean and toned with shorter workouts, visit http://www.MaxWorkouts.com



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