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November 30, 2022
Fit Over 40

How Words Become Our Worlds

By Jon Benson

Fit Over 40 It's been said that to feel fear is normal. The object is to go through it anyway. The true test of courage is not fearlessness, but the power to overcome one's fears. A feeling of "pull" to something away from your true path is quite similar. To experience a surge of want for that piece of chocolate cake or that slice of pizza is quite normal. What you must choose is to differentiate the truth from the feelings you're experiencing. When you begin to realize that you are literally 'lying' to yourself when you say, "Man, I'm starving!", or, "I just HAVE to have some chocolate!", you're one step closer to separating yourself from the "thoughts of the masses". These thoughts are, quite frankly, cobble stones on Mediocre Street. I think you want more. I know I do.

I enjoy pizza and chocolate cake. Most humans do, although I know many will not admit it in the fitness industry. However, "enjoy" and "love" is two different things-and I use these words specifically and for a very good reason. "Love" is a very strong emotion, and the subconscious has no way of telling the difference between degrees of love. That's the job of the conscious mind. You are literally using the same word you use for your mother, or your spouse, as you are a piece of cake! It's rather silly, isn't it? Some of this stems from fear, believe it or not. We fear not having the 'correct' thing to say. It's natural to say what you feel before you think it through. For many people such a process is frightening in a way. So, here's the challenge-you must start using the thoughts and the language of the fearless.

As I wrote in "Fit Over 40", our words literally become our world. What we say has a way of manifesting itself into reality. Trust me, I'm not going all mystical on you, but think about it-how often do you actually say, "You know, it's like the entire world loves me!" No-it's more like, "Why does everyone at work hate me?" Or perhaps, "Why can't I ever lose weight?" Do you see the connection? You're literally asking yourself a question, and your subconscious mind is going to do its best to literally answer it.

The last thing you want to be doing if you seek to manage your wei.ght and your life is ask a negative question. Any question you can think of can be rephrased into a positive question. This is NOT positive thinking-this is truthful thinking. Why lie to yourself? And, if you choose to, why on EARTH make it a negative lie? Asking why the world hates you is every bit as much of a lie as stating that everyone in the world loves you-yet we opt for the former over the latter every time. Try the latter if you have to lie! It's much more fun, and I bet you'll notice a difference in how you view the world in return.

Instead of asking, "Why am I so fat?" try asking, "How can I become lean and healthy?" If you want to step it up a notch, add some real emotion to the question! "How can I become lean, muscular and incredibly healthy while enjoying every minute of the process?"

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