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March 5, 2024

How to Develop Full Throttle Strength
and Raw Power with LESS Training!
By Zach Even-Esh

How to Develop Full Throttle Strength and Raw Power with LESS Training!

It's an OLD technique that many people forget about or completely overlook.

Powerlifters follow this method.

Olympic lifters follow this method.

But why not the men and women who want to get stronger and bigger but don't compete?

This simple method is that of eliminating VARIETY.

That's right. Simply practicing the same movements with different tools over and over and over again. This is a phenomenal way to develop insane levels of strength, more so than you have ever experienced before.

Strength is a skill. Want to improve your "skill" in strength, practice the same BIG lifts over and over again.

Speak to the strongest men and women out there and it's not odd to hear about them performing high volume with very low reps in one or two exercises over and over.

How to Develop Full Throttle Strength and Raw Power with LESS Training!

By now, you have likely heard my story of George, the strongest and most jacked up dude at the local YMCA back when I was 13, and back when that was a hard core gym, George did 1 or 2 movements every workout with heavy volume. He was light years ahead of the rest of us and his results proved it!

For example, you might do endless sets of squats in one workout, handstand push ups, military presses, bench pressing, power or hang cleans or pistols.

I recently had a workout like this utilizing the same movement, but changing the training tool.

The workout was entirely consisted of the power or hang clean variations, with one of the barbell lifts also being a power high pull, off the ground each rep, with very heavy loads.

The workout felt great and I felt myself getting into the grove better and better with every set of every exercise. The workload placed on my legs, back and shoulders was tremendous to say the least.

Here was my workout:

  1. Double dumbbell hang clean: 20, 40, 60 and 80 lbs: 5 - 10 reps per set

  2. BB hang clean 135 lbs: 2 x 10 / no rest between reps, each rep was very ballistic and aggressive.

  3. 1 arm KB clean 70 & 88 lbs, 5 reps each arm

  4. 1 arm dumbbell hang clean 80 and 105 lbs x 5 each arm

  5. 1 arm DB high pull from the floor each rep, 150 lbs: 5 x 1 each arm, no rest between hands or sets.

Now it's your turn to start removing all the excess from your program and only focusing on the BIG stuff that produces the hardest hitting results.

Why do you think the old school strongmen and wrestlers were pressing dumbbells overhead that were well over 150 lbs? It wasn't because of their natural strength, that's for sure!

They practiced their skill, over and over again.

Now it's your turn! Choose 2 or 3 movements from each category below. Then, dedicate to those BIG movements ad watch your strength and muscle gains soar like never before!

Four Categories:

  • squat / deadlift (deadlift, box squat, zercher squat)

  • upper body push (handstand push ups, overhead presses, bench press, floor press)

  • upper body pull (weighted pull ups, barbell rows, dumbbell rows)

  • full body lift (Turkish get ups, clean & press, sandbag shouldering)

Pick one or two exercises and work them till they work you to the maximum. It's time go hard and go heavy or GO HOME!

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