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May 18, 2024
Detour Activity Bar Review!
By Courtney Desrosiers

Detour Activity Bar Review! I was given a box of complimentary Detour Activity Bars to sample the different flavors while trying to see results of each bars purpose. The bars consisted of Detour Runner, Detour Core Strength, Detour Biker and flavors such as chocolate, peanut butter, lemon yogurt, caramel, toffee, dark chocolate and raspberry. In my opinion, I am the perfect candidate for this study because I weight train, run 3-5 miles regularly, mountain bike, kick box, play volleyball competitively, work on my balance and flexibility with yoga and waitress 2-3 nights a week at a extremely busy restaurant. As you can see, I am a busy person who cares a lot about health and fitness. These Detour Activity Bars were perfect when I needed to put something in my stomach instead of having to eat an entire meal and gave me more energy to tackle my next workout.

What I enjoyed the most about the activity bars were the different flavors offered. I found myself eating the raspberry and lemon flavored bars more towards my late morning workouts. Then all the chocolate combinations tasted great in the afternoons and early evenings. These bars tasted so great, a few times I felt like I was eating an actual Snickers bar.

To be honest, I didn't really see a difference between the Runner, Core Strength or Biker options. I even focused and ate the appropriate bar if I were going for a jog, heading to the gym to lift weights or needing more stamina while tackling a long and hectic night at the restaurant. Basically I found that the Detour Activity Bars served the purpose more of a meal replacement or for providing energy to have a good workout.

I will continue to eat Detour Activity Bars in rational portions in the future. I don't think these bars should be eaten everyday or even more than one a day. Its always important control the amount of daily sugar intake. I also liked how the bars contained beneficial ingredients such as the anti-inflammatory MicroLactin, endurance boosting Ribose and Rhodiola, which enhances stamina. Those ingredients are all very important to those who strive hard to lead a fit lifestyle like myself. I wonder if we could create an activity bar that contained all three ingredients in one? I would love to participate in that study too!

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