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September 27, 2022

Old School Chest Muscle Building Secret!
By Jeff Anderson "The Muscle Nerd"

Old School Chest Muscle Building Secret!

If you could go back in time and pound out reps with the "old school mass monsters" of Gold's Gym in the 60's, you'd be sure to see them using this long-forgotten advanced chest training technique to add more mass and definition to their pecs.

Check it out and add it to your next chest workout and see why it was such a favorite!

How To Do It...

First, you're going to need a "spotter" for this technique and I HIGHLY recommend you use a Smith Machine for safety and give your training partner some help.

Now, load up the bar with a weight that's about 25% more than the amount you can lift for about 4 reps before hitting exhaustion.

Using either an INCLINE or FLAT BENCH, have your spotter help you on ALL of the "concentric" pressing movements.

(Meaning, your spotter will help you LIFT the bar to the top position on ALL of your reps.)

Now, YOU do a slow, controlled "negative" movement (the lowering of the bar) so it takes about 4 seconds until you get to the bottom position. This is where your spotter again grabs the bar and helps lift it to the top again.

(Important: your partner should NOT let you work the bar up on your own any more than he has to. YOUR goal is to work the "negative" portion of the rep!)

Old School Chest Muscle Building Secret!

Once you've done your last negative (you'll probably hit failure at about 6-8 negative reps), lock the bar in on the Smith Machine (saving your spotter from killing himself to get it back up)...

...and THIS is where the fun begins...

Stand up after your last rep and press your hands together tightly as you SQUEEEEEEEZE your chest muscles HARD for a full 10 SECOND count!

Why It Works...

Your "heavy negatives" zero in on your chest's "Type 2" fast-twitch muscle fibers - the real power-movers!

Your follow up squeeze session then gets in and nails your "Type 1" slow-twitch fibers for a growth hormone- (GH-) boosting lactic acid response.

The result is a double-fiber pounding that ignites new growth in even the smallest "chicken chest"!

(Note: Works great for BICEPS too!)

Run through this combination for 3 sets and feel the burn!

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