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September 25, 2022

Is Your Business Over-Staffed?
by Brian Cannone

Is Your Business Over-Staffed?

Here is a way to save you a bunch of money and actually make your business MORE profitable by having less people work. It might sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes having less people work is the key to greater productivity and even higher profit margins!


Take this scenario for example.

You walk into your place of business and see 3 of your workers standing around in the office while 2 others (usually the over-achievers) are managing the entire floor. The 3 people in the office make up the excuse that they were just taking a small break, but do you honestly know how long they were in there?

Little "breaks" like these may be taking up to 2-3 hours of the day in some circumstances. Just think about it, if you're paying each person just $10 per hour and they're wasting 2 hours per day chit-chatting, and you have 5 employees, that's $100 PER DAY that you're losing!

Taking into a month, that amounts to $3,000 per month and $36,000 per year.

Would you like a $36,000 per year pay raise while increasing productivity? I know I would.

Is Your Business Over-Staffed?

Ok so here's how you fix that.

Instead of having your employees simply "know" what they're supposed to do, create daily checklists for them. Then have them turn in the checklists at the end of each day letting you know what they actually got done. In my health club we call this the "Hit List".

Having written goals and checklists is one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve productivity in a business. Did you know that people who have written short and long term goals make about $7,000 per month while those who don't have those kinds of goals only make about $3,000 per month?

THAT is the power of having goals and checklists!

Doing this is going to majorly help control your down time, and in many cases when you can control the down time enough you can actually either cut back on staff while still getting the same workload done, or your business can take off in productivity which means more profits down the road for you!

Is Your Business Over-Staffed? Even if you don't even have more productivity in areas like marketing to get new people into the business, simply making checklists and making sure your employees are on top of their game at all times will be noticed by your clients, and well appreciated.

We all hate companies with bad customers service and when your clients are paying you to provide them with a great health club, that also means great customer service. And you probably already realize that if they get incredibly customer service they're probably going to stick with your club much longer!

So if you don't already have checklists that your employees are going through, start making them today. You can either make them yourself and have the same checklist each week (make a different checklist for each day, depending on what needs to be done), or you can even have your employees make their own checklists and hand them to you at the end of the day.

The choice is yours, now get to it!


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