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September 27, 2022

How To Build Up A Strong Referral System
by Brian Cannone

How To Build Up A Strong Referral System

Want to get a leg-up on your competition without increasing much of how you run your business? It's easy when you learn what I'm about to tell you.

What I'm talking about is learning how to get more referrals to your business. Getting more referrals is literally like getting free advertising, and the best part is, it's the BEST kind of advertising!

Think about it - what would you be more likely to see…

A movie that you saw a review about from a person you didn't know, or a recommendation from a personal friend who said the movie was great?

That's exactly what happens when your current clients refer their friends to your program.

How To Build Up A Strong Referral System

Ok so the next question is, how do you do it?

Here are 3 things you can do immediately to increase the amount of referrals you get to your business and increase your revenue without increasing your expenses:

  1. Be Referable - Nobody is going to refer a friend to any business unless that business gives that client an incredible experience. Think about your business right now, is there any way that you could create a more meaningful/fun/memorable/unique experience for your client? If so, start doing it immediately. You'll be surprised at how little things can make your business appear as having a great experience. Sometimes all you have to do is smile more and be more polite!

  2. Create A Referring System - People love doing things with their friends. This is especially true in the fitness industry. Try to create a system where people get some kind of discount or special offer for referring friends to your business. If your margins are high enough, you can even give both the referrer and the referee a discount

  3. Go Above And Beyond - This is very similar to "being referable" but different in a way that it will require a little more thought and contemplation. What you should do is look at your competition and find out exactly what they do and how they treat their clients. Then, think of creative ways to do things differently and better than them so people feel like they're treated like gold when they go to your business. By being thought of as "the best", people are automatically going to think of you when they think of a health club, which is automatically going to create buzz for your business and create many more referrals.

Take these 3 suggestions and put them to use in your business today and I can guarantee you, you're going to see more referrals. This is an easy, no-risk way to increase the revenue to your business and I'd highly recommend making this one of the first things you do, because once you start improving some of the things I just talked about - your entire business will improve in ways you can't even imagine!


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