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Build HERO Muscle
by Chad Howse

Build Hero Muscle

Think back, way back to the first thing that really piqued your interest about training. For a lot of us it was a movie, a comic book character or an athlete that first made us think "holy shit, I want to look like that guy!" Or, "I want to have that guy's power."

I grew up on movies like "Conan the Barbarian", "Rocky", and "Rambo". I loved comic books like "Superman", "The Hulk", and "Batman". I looked up to guys like Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, and Mike Tyson yes, I looked up to Mike Tyson when I was younger.

These guys all had something in common: they had powerful muscle, and they were pretty bad-ass dudes. They rescued ladies, the defenseless. They KO'd the bad guy, and kicked ass in life.

We start training because someone who is great inspires us. Someone who is physically and usually morally heroic has shown us what we could be or given us an ideal that we can reach for. But somewhere along the line we forget about those attributes and focus on doing curls for the girls, or developing a six pack that'll look awesome at the beach.

We train because we are inspired Snap Out of It!

We started training because we wanted to be more like our heroes. But somewhere along the way we lost that. We resorted to bodybuilding, doing curls in front of the mirror for hours at a time. Our intensity left our training, what replaced it was structure.

We rest for a certain amount of time. We lift weights for a few reps, drop them, then rest again. We're slaves to the routine and our intensity has left us. Our primal urge for success has simply disappeared.

We lift for looks, not for power, speed or athleticism. We're no longer trying to be like our heroes. Instead, we're merely trying to look like them.

Now, it's time to take everything back into our own hands. It's time to train to achieve that hero status that we once sought so voraciously.

Taking it Back

Let's get back to the raw, hardcore basics. Forget the fads. Forget the latest diet gimmicks and useless gadgets designed to take our money and leave us with nothing. Let's get back to building the muscle, the power, the athleticism, the hero that we wanted when we first started.

Let's get back to kicking ass and taking names. There is no "not getting results." You GET THEM - SIMPLE.

I've gained 40 pounds of lean and athletic muscle since I found this solution to my problems 32 pounds in 32 weeks.

I challenge you to do better!

I've gained 40lbs of lean, athletic muscle

If you don't think you can, then don't even bother. I know you can, and I can't wait for the first guy to beat me at my own game.

Leave That Bullshit at Home

There's no place for weakness, for guys who give up and look for a way out in this challenge. You head to the gym, work your ass off, then head home.

No more 4 or 5 minute rest periods. No more excuses. And no more desire to look for excuses.

LET'S TAKE OUR MANHOOD BACK. Train like Rocky, look like Conan, and have strength like Hercules. For shit's sake let's stop flexing in the mirror and start flexing who we are and what we can do!

Take the Challenge and Wake-up! This is the solution to your problems. This is how I gained 32 pounds of lean, athletic, muscle in 32 weeks. Do you have what it takes?

The Power Howse Challenge



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