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December 5, 2023
Time Management...For BODYBUILDERS
by "The Muscle Nerd" Jeff Anderson

time management you need a bodybuilding plan Your Daytimer.

Your car.

Your computer.

What part do they play in your body building plan?

What? You don't HAVE a body building plan?!

You thought you'd just go lift some weights, drink some kelp, spray on a tan and come out ripped?

Just like in anything else, having a plan is half the battle…and STICKING to your plan is the other half.

Part One of Your Body Building Plan:

Plan it…on PAPER…in INK!

Everyone's spare time department's lacking so you have to plan ahead for your priorities to show in your life.

Time management gurus have an excellent system that'll work in your body building plan. It involves something called “big rocks.” In your schedule, mark off the times when you've got big rocks, those things you can't move (well, maybe YOU could, cause you're so strong and all). Things like school, work, sleep, whatever.

The holes left in your schedule are where you get to create your training plan. Schedule your workouts...and schedule your “down time”.

Now, the tough part – follow your body building plan like you wrote it. Show up and be where you're supposed to be!

Part Two of Your Body Building Plan:

Listen. Redeem the time. Research shows we spend like HALF our lives in the car.

Yes…you look very cool in all your muscle-ness making your pecs dance to your favorite CD. But wouldn't you be smart to trade the dance party in for a chance to advance your body building plan?

To stay motivated and on track with your plan, try listening to CD's on motivation, time management, goal setting, competition, and success. These audio programs aren't JUST for stuffed shirt executives anymore! You can also look online for downloadable audio sessions from fitness experts!

Part Three of Your Body Building Plan:

Surf…the internet, that is!

We're in the information age. Use it to your advantage. Yes, you'll find a lot of junk out there from phonies, wannabe's, greedy guys, and idiots. None of that has a place in your body building plan. But, there are also sites that are really helpful. Get on their newsletter lists. Find out what books they recommend. Learn from these muscle masters. It's almost as good as talking with them in person. It's the modern way of surrounding yourself with greatness, and it's a surefire way to find success in your body building plan.

About the Author:

Jeff Anderson "The Muscle Nerd" is the author of this revolutionary new training book called Optimum Anabolics. REVEALED! Muscle "Programming" Strategy Guaranteed To DOUBLE...TRIPLE... even QUADRUPLE Muscle Growth Every Month Or You Keep The Program For FREE! Learn more at... www.optimum-anabolics.com.

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