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November 30, 2022
Structure Your Bodybuilding Schedule To Get Buff...
And Still Have A Life!

by "The Muscle Nerd" Jeff Anderson

bodybuilding schedule Every summer, you take your puny body to the beach, get sand kicked in your face by a house on legs, and vow to get in shape. No, wait, not just in shape ; you vow to get ripped and shredded!

OK, so the house on legs guy didn't actually kick sand at you; in fact, he didn't even look your way…but neither did the bikini-clad prospects!

Didn't have the “time” to devote to training in order to claim the beach as your own? Let's see how you can find huge chunks of opportunity for your new bodybuilding schedule.

Build a Wise Bodybuilding Schedule So You Don't Quit Before You Start

If you want to get huge, bring your pillow to the gym, because your bodybuilding schedule is going to leave you without a life, right? “Maybe I can plan a decent bodybuilding schedule if I give up my girlfriend, my dog, and my job,” you think.

OK, Mr.All-or-Nothing, how long do you think you'll stick to your bodybuilding schedule if it means you can't go home again? Only until your favorite TV show returns in the fall; then you'll resume your couch-potato-ness. You'll trade in your bodybuilding schedule for a TV schedule.

Which brings us to…

Trade Your TV Schedule in for a Bodybuilding Schedule

Fitting your bodybuilding schedule into an already packed calendar takes planning. What can you eliminate? What are your time wasters? “Down time” is important, but wasted time is just a waste. Plan ahead and you can always get to your top priorities. Spend some time evaluating your priorities, and build your schedule around your highest ones first. How much time do you need to carve out for your bodybuilding schedule? Look for the gaps that are left to see where to fit your training in.

Build Your Schedule Smarter…Not Harder

Follow the example of a lot of guys at the gym and you'll lift until you puke, pump yourself full of steroids, eat a diet that consists only of raw eggs and elephant meat, and change your mailing address to that of the gym because you're lifting sixty hours a week.

Can you say excess ? Can you say foolish, dangerous, pointless, and ineffective?

The wisest minds in bodybuilding recommend working out no more than sixty minutes a day, five days a week. That's right. Create your bodybuilding schedule around one-hour blocks, spread through the week.

Your Schedule Should Reflect What We Know About Muscles

Your muscles take nearly a week to recover after a workout. Muscle growth only happens during the recovery period.

So, Wise Muscle Man, do a little math. With only so many muscles to work per week, once a week, why would your bodybuilding schedule consume two or three hours a day? Do some research, and you'll see how you can work opposing muscle groups once a week to most efficiently add strength and size. For instance, work biceps and triceps on Mondays, quads, hams and calves on Tuesdays, etc.

Sometimes less IS more. If you plan your bodybuilding schedule in a way that's in synch with how your body works, you'll see the difference. And, you might just stick with it long enough to be the house on legs at the beach next year.

About the Author:

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