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June 23, 2024
Can you Drink Alcohol and Still Maintain a Good Body?
by Zach Bashore

Almost everyone loves having a good time and what do these good times usually revolve around? You guessed it, alcohol. Even the serious bodybuilders get tempted to drink and have a good time, but should he or she drink or not? The answer will vary on the person and how educated he or she is on recovery from drinking alcohol and knowing what alcohol does to the body.

Nutrient wise, alcohol contains seven calories per gram, which is three calories higher than carb and protein sources. The calories that come from alchol are mostly sugars and very little protein. Even low carb beers contain around 100 calories even thought they only have about two and a half grams of carbs and half a gram of protein. A twelve ounce wine cooler contains 180 calories, a two ounce strawberry daiquiri contains 110 calories, so alcohol is very calorie dense.

Although alcohol is absorbed rapidly, it is metabolized very slowly and can have a negative effect on athletic performance. If an athlete consumes as little as two or three drinks fourty-eight hours prior to his or her performance, the athlete will suffer from impaired reaction time, decreased strength, and impaired hand/eye coordination. Alcohol will also increase fatigue, interfere with body temperature, cause dehydration, impact cellular repair, deplete aerobic capacity, disrupt sleep, and cause vitamin and mineral depletion.

Most adults who drink alcohol consume reasonable amounts but there always those who drink irresponsibly. These irresponsible people increase their risk of illness, injury, and are more likely to have drinking problems than the responsible drinkers. Alcohol abuse can cause significant harm to a person`s health and completely destroy a person`s life. If you decide to drink, it`s very important that you know if your drinking patterns are risky, safe, or even harmful.

We are only human and need to have a good time every now and then. Some people could not live with the thought of never being able to touch alcohol while others would find it very easy. Drinking is okay if you keep it in moderation. However, don`t let it control you and let it become who you are. Alcoholism is not fun. I`ve been through it and seen many of my friends fade away because of it. Just be careful.


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