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May 18, 2024
Sample of a Body Building Diet
By Karen Sessions

Bodybuilders are known for eating mass quantities of food in the form of carbohydrates and protein to supply energy for working muscles and to allow for recovery, hence growth.

Sample of a Body Building Diet The bodybuilding diet consists of eating 6 to 8 small balanced meals a day, spaced throughout the day to give a steady supply of nutrients to the muscles. However, many are unaware of the quality of food they put into their bodies and the damaging effects of substandard food choices.

I have witnessed many bodybuilders relying on excess protein drinks, processed dairy, deli meats, processed oats, and other man-made items as the bulk of their "nutrition". I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but anything that had to be created by man is less than nutritious and only forms toxins in the body.

When the body is holding on to toxins, it cannot perform as it should. Effects of toxins can slow fat loss, decrease muscle gains, slow down the metabolism considerably, and literally drain your energy. The downfall to eating processed food is the toxins it releases into the bloodstream. The toxins alter the bloods pH balance making your body acidic.

It's Not Just Poor Quality Food

Not only are you receiving toxins from man-made food times, but you also absorb them via skin, as it's the largest organ on your body. Take a look at your personal care product labels. They are jam packed with chemicals. These chemicals are toxins that take over the body and literally rob your body of nutrients. Toxins such as Anti-Freeze, conveniently renamed Propylene Glycol, is in name brand products like Lubriderm, Salon Selectives, Colgate, Herbal Essence, etc. Seemingly innocent products can also be destroying your muscle gain and fat loss endeavors, as they create an acidic condition in the body.

Toxins Effects

As previously stated, toxins can slow fat loss, diminish muscle gains, decrease the metabolism, and drain you of energy. The toxins become trapped in the fatty tissue and cells in your body and bloat you because they cause your body to retain fluid to dilute the foreign element. When these toxins fill your cells, they also trap fat in them and hold them there and prevent them from being utilized. The more the toxins build up, the more fat is stored in the cells.

To make matters worse, the toxins alter your bloods pH balance, making you more acidic. An acidic condition means you are very low on minerals and your body will not function optimally. In this acidic state, you cannot burn fat, are more prone to illnesses, and more apt to develop degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, etc. Osteoporosis is the last thing a bodybuilder wants!

How Do You Know If You Are Acidic?

You can easily determine your pH blood level by taking a saliva or urine test on a pH test stick or Litmus Paper. First morning samples are best. You can get a quality saliva reading about two hours after a meal as well.

Creating A Balance

Now that we know how easy it is to become toxic and how toxins can kill muscle gain endeavors, it's time to do something about it!

Sample of a Body Building Diet If you can normalize your blood pH level and bring it more to a neutral state, the cells will release the fat and allow for them to be burned. This, in turn, can increase your metabolism and energy, ignite fat loss, allow you to build more muscle than you could have every imagined, and in my opinion, reverse the aging process as well.

Most of the people on my forum know me on a one-on-one personal basis and they will tell you that I'm genuine and I am for the people. I want to make people more aware and learn the truth about fat loss, muscle gain, health, and well-being. You cannot lose fat if your body is not functioning optimally and your body is not functioning optimally if you are acidic. A muscle performs work using nutrients provided by the bloodstream with the primary element of an oxygenated rich environment. Toxins destroy such conditions and this is why it is necessary to put back in the body what it is lacking.

My AMAZING Discovery

With that, I want to tell you about a new product line that was presented to me a couple of weeks ago. These products are made with oxygenated water, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Your body is made up of water, oxygen and minerals... just like the Earth. You need these in balance to live and for your body to function correctly. When these are out of balance, you become acidic. Acid drives out oxygen, but oxygen and minerals drive out acid. If you can put oxygen and minerals back in the fastest way possible (skin and mouth), you can be healthy, lose fat, and build muscle at a much faster rate.

Please note that I'm not making any medical claims. I am only sharing a wealth of information and experiences.

This is the NatureRich product line ( formerly known as The Master's Miracle )

Natural Soap - NatureRich 100% Natural Soap created with oxygenated water and minerals is great for washing your body, your hair, your teeth, your laundry, etc. With this natural soap, you will not be putting toxins into your body.

Neutralizer - I believe this product is great for balancing the pH level (When your pH is balanced, your body is working 100% and you are more apt to burn body fat). Add the NatureRich Neutralizer and Natural Soap to your bath water for a soothing and detoxing mineral bath. In addition, drink 7 to 14 drops of the Neutralizer morning and night. It's tasteless, as it's just oxygenated water and minerals. Also, kill bacteria on your tooth brush by soaking it in the Neutralizer.

Greens - The dietary supplement Green Drink that is rich in 93 ingredients to support the immune system, liver, energize, etc. It's a WONDERFUL way to get your fiber and it's full of enzymes for nutrients and antioxidants to fight off nasty free radicals.

Gel - I like to call the Gel a muscle rub. It's a pH balanced formula that you can apply this to aching muscles and joints. This product is great for the lactic acid in your muscles after a hard workout and is wonderful to apply to cuts and scrapes.

Moisturizer - This is a natural moisturizer that is 100% toxin free. Stop rubbing Anti-Freeze into your skin and start rubbing minerals in that your body can use. Your body will thank you for it.

My Experience And What Others Are Saying

- I have been soaking in the Natural Soap and Neutralizer for almost a week. By the third day I noticed a mole I had at least since the 5th grade going away. It's down in size and shape.

- I lost two pounds of body fat and didn't even change my diet or exercise program. It's my belief that fat was release from my cells and allowed to be burned.

- My appetite has increased, but my business partner's appetite decreased. It's my opinion that due to the amount of muscle mass I have, my body was alerting me to eat so it doesn't catabolize. My business partner does not workout so she didn't require any additional calories.

- One woman took part in daily soaks and in six months she lost 45 pounds... only by soaking. Nothing else. I believe the Neutralizer released fat from her cells and allowed them to be burned.

- I personally applied the Gel to my triceps where I had painful lactic acid built up. In five minutes the pain was reduced 60% and by the end of the day the pain was down approximately 90%. A second application would have removed the lactic acid pain completely.

I swear this is the last thing I wanted to get involved in, but I see so much positive changes that I want to share it. I'm all about telling the truth.


If you want to lose fat, build muscle, and be healthy, you must take it upon yourself to get the true facts and stop listening to ads and television commercials directed to desperate consumers. You have to educate yourself and tackle the problem at the cellular level.

About The Author

Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and is a certified personal fitness instructor and specialist in performance nutrition. She is a nationally qualified natural female bodybuilder, holding numerous titles in the southern states including two overalls.

Karen has written six e-books on fitness. She also writes articles for several fitness websites, and distributes two monthly newsletters regarding weight loss and female bodybuilding.

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