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June 23, 2024

Interview with Pro BMXer Ryan Magin
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - December 2008

Interview With BMXer Ryan Magin

CRITICAL BENCH: Critical Bench is here with hardcore extreme professional BMX biker Ryan Magin. Ryan, welcome to Critical Bench! It's great to have one of the best bikers in the planet with us today! Ryan, tell us about yourself.

First off I just want to say thanks for the Interview, Ben. I am 25 years old I live in St Pete Florida, and been riding my bike my whole life. I enjoy movies and long walks on the beach.. ahh just kidding. From what I've been told I am a little wild and am in no hurry to ever grow up. Also Did I mention I like multi colored hair, training, and women?

CRITICAL BENCH: Very cool. Bikers are definitely a unique breed of animal! Ryan, how is BMX biking such an extreme sport and why do you think so many people are afraid to give BMX biking a try at a highly competitive level?

The level of track we ride on nowadays it is not uncommon to see 3 or 4 jumps, well over 30 feet in length. That to me is pretty extreme! Plus, add in 8 other guys trying to beat you and it makes a race interesting. A lot of people don't realize we spend years just being able to ride our bikes at the speeds we do plus just being able to control your bike is something you just can't hop on and do.

CRITICAL BENCH: I think everyone now has a taste of how extreme BMX Biking is. Just to jump 5 feet sounds dangerous and make that a few numerous jumps at 30 feet at high speeds are totally insane. Ryan, tell us about some of your achievements with your BMX biking!

I have been pro now for about 2 years and I am constantly in the finals at the big nationals as well as top 10 in the state of Florida for as long as I can remember

CRITICAL BENCH: Very impressive! Ryan, tell us about what goes through your mind before a huge championship national race or before a huge jump?

Most of the time I am pretty relaxed. There are times when I get really nervous and I have to remember I have put in the time and now I just have to go on autopilot. As for the experience when I jump something new I get a huge sense of accomplishment! It is a very thrilling experience.

Interview With BMXer Ryan Magin

CRITICAL BENCH: What motivated you to get started in such an extreme sport like BMX?

I have a lot of energy and I got my bike before I ever got into anything else. I was always a show off so jumping stuff on my bike seemed like it would make me cooler than the average person. Plus I control the outcome of my performance not a team, so if I lose it's my fault.

CRITICAL BENCH: How fast and how high/far do you get on your bike at the max?

Speeds get well over 30 mph on the tracks but on my road bike I have seen 50mph as far as height most jumps send us 2 stories up or so. It is hard to tell.

CRITICAL BENCH: Ryan, some powerlifters are into BMX Biking. What will it take for BMX Bikers to get into powerlifting?

I think a lot of powerlifters can relate due to the fact everyone has had a bike and tried to jump something. Everyone loves bikes and many people have owned one at some point in their lives. It makes you a kid again. However, as far as BMXers getting into powerlifting, I don't think it will happen if you didn't notice we are skinny kids on bikes.

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your Internet TV Show and Web site www.ryanmagin.com

The TV show for me is my way of showing my personality to the world, I am super energetic and love talking training and the most random stuff happens to me, so I just had to start documenting this stuff and showing it to the world. My website is the place to go for BMX Training on the web. I give all kinds of tips and tricks and basically a guide for bmxers who want to train for their sport.

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your DVD that is out?

My DVD is geared toward BMX Training but it goes over how to get in really good shape without having to purchase a lot of equipment. I cover bodyweight training, strongman training, sled training, and sandbag training in detail. I also give over a years worth of programs.

CRITICAL BENCH: Ryan, how do you train? I heard you train kind of like a powerlifter.

Yes I do train similar to a powerlifter I followed the Westside template religiously for 2 years and basically credit that training to why I am competitive in the pro class on my BMX bike. As of now though I train a little differently I haven't been going as heavy because the more I ride the less I want to be sore so I have been doing a lot more bodyweight and strongman training.

BMX Training (Ryan Magin)

CRITICAL BENCH: Ryan, give us your BMX training routine in detail.

Right now I do 2 full body days and 1 conditioning day.


  • 1A) Me Lunges

  • 1A) single leg reactive jump exercise

  • 2A)Suspended pushups

  • 2B)horizontal row

  • Prowler

  • Abs


  • 1A) deads or cleans

  • 1B) reactive jumping variation

  • 2A) Pushpress

  • 2B) Pullups

  • Abs


  • Sled drags sprints

  • Keg carries

  • Tire flips

I also ride my BMX bike on average 3 nights a week plus my on the bike sprints so I stay busy.

CRITICAL BENCH: What is your training philosophy?

I am very big on hard work! I don't care if all I am doing pushups or squats I will drive myself into the ground. This has worked out well for the most part but sometimes I need to just relax. I am a big believer in strongman training as well as bodyweight exercise.

CRITICAL BENCH: How does weight training carry over to BMX biking?

At first all I did it was to get stronger but I am realizing the main carryover has been injury prevention. I have taken some serious falls and without the extra muscle I would have been F-ed up

CRITICAL BENCH: How does powerlifting help you become stronger for biking?

Interview With BMXer Ryan Magin Max strength and explosive strength have improved dramatically as well as mentally I have gotten a lot stronger.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future goals in BMX biking?

I currently want to continue racing and get to the next level of pro, which is AA then take a run at the 2012 Olympics

CRITICAL BENCH: So far in the sport of BMX biking what has been your favorite and most emotional moment?

My favorite moment is every time I make the final and I collect that check at end of the race. Most hardcore would be breaking my leg or tearing my ACL, and emotional would be the road to recover after. The entire sport has made me who I am today I never would have gotten into strength and fitness if it weren't for my Bike.

CRITICAL BENCH: Ryan, it has been an honor interviewing you. We hope you keep kicking ass and that you one day compete in the Olympics. Is there anyone who you would like to thank?

My Family for there utmost support, Dave and Jim at Elite Fitness systems for sponsoring me, Elliot Hulse for being an awesome mentor/coach and all my friends for believing in everything I do.





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