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September 27, 2022

What Is The Best Type Of Fitness Program
To Use In Your Marketing?

by Brian Cannone

What Is The Best Type Of Fitness Program To Use In Your Marketing?

As you already know, the fitness industry is one of the biggest industries in the entire world. Because of that, there are dozens of different niches you can get into.

But if you actually take a minute to think about what your prospect truly wants, what do you think it is? Do you think there are more people that want to get huge and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, or more people who are interested in losing 10-20 pounds, dropping a few pant sizes and looking better at the beach?

If you guessed that there are more people who
want to lose weight -you're absolutely correct.

If you want to maximize your advertising dollars and bring in more clients, your main focus in all of your marketing materials should be about losing weight. Losing weight is the most popular niche out of any of the sub-niches in the fitness industry, and you should be taking advantage of it.

Because remember, people don't care about what kind of fancy equipment you have or how big your business is - all they care about is how fast and easily your health club is going to help them achieve their goal, which is losing weight.

Your prospects are bombarded with sales messages everyday and if the one they're looking at doesn't show them the main benefit they want to achieve, they're going to simply glance over it and never think about it again.

What Is The Best Type Of Fitness Program To Use In Your Marketing?

Let me give you an example -
which of these 2 ads do you think would catch your interest?

  • Ad A - New 5,000 sq. ft. health club with 6 Stairmasters, 10 treadmills and a swimming pool will help you get in the best shape of your life!

  • Ad B - Come to "business name" for a 30 day trial and you're guaranteed to lose at least 2% bodyfat or get double-your-money-back! Call "phone #" for details.

If you picked Ad B, you're absolutely correct. I just wrote that really quick off the top of my head, but I think you get the point. Notice how Ad A was very general and didn't give a true benefit. People care about the results you're going to give them, not about how many machines you have, how big the place is, or anything similar to that.

They want to know how they're going to get results, and in this world of skepticism, they also want a great guarantee which I threw in there for you.

And as I already mentioned - the benefit the majority of people interested in health want…is to lose weight!

Although we know that looking better is about building muscle PLUS losing weight, most people don't understand that, and it's pointless to try and convince them in your marketing. The job of your marketing is to get them into your doors. Once you have them as part of your health club, feel free to educate them further but for simply getting more clients you'll definitely want to stick with making it simple and telling them you'll help them lose weight.

Keep it short, to the point, and relevant to their goals (i.e. losing weight) and your marketing will get much better results than it's currently getting.


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