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Avoid Muscle Soreness
If You Want a Toned and Sexy Body

By Rusty Moore

Avoid Muscle Soreness

The goal of every workout is either fat loss or muscle definition.The best way to achieve either of them is by identifying the Right Workout Intensity. Most of us do not know that workout intensity is crucial in getting the desired results. A same workout done at different intensity can deliver different results.

Although fitness is the goal of any workout, strength training and fat loss training needs to be separated. Strength training is the simplestpart in any workout. To increase the muscle density and definition, heavy weights need to be used. The training needs to be slow paced and the heart rate must not be high. This way, the muscles will have sufficient recovery time between sets. Recovery time is critical in improving the definition of the muscles.

Generally, the fat loss training portion is difficult to execute. For better results, fat loss training needs to be incorporated into the workout plan, for at least three times a week. A fat loss workout needs to be intense. If there is no intensity in it, it will not be effective in burning fat. Low intensity workouts do not produce an after-effect. An after effect could be anything from burning of fat to firmness in muscles. Fat loss training burns more calories than low intensity training. Losing calories is critical in losing the body fat.

Losing calories is critical in losing the body fat

However, be very careful and avoid workouts that are too intense. The secret to effective fat loss is the ability to workout without long breaks. If the training is highly intense, it is more than likely that you will be resting for longer period of time.The workout must be intense but at the same time, should not burn you out at the end of the workout.

The fat loss training can either be a circuit training workout or a strategic interval workout. The strategic interval workout includes High Intensity Interval Training and body weight circuit training.

The big question is how to reach the right intensity for effective fat loss. HGH is a hormone naturally released by the body. HGH helps to burn fat by increasing body's metabolism. HGH flush is a condition where a body is best equipped to burn fat, due to the increased metabolism.

HGH flush is a condition wherea person will be out of breathand their skin will be slightly red. Try to reach the HGH flush condition at the end of each workout. This is the perfect condition for the body to burn fat effectively. To achieve this condition, you do not have to kill yourself. An ideal workout will help you reach HGH flush condition, while not burning you out completely. This is generally called sweet spot. A sweet spot is where you feel like you have had a workout but still ready for next activity. Everyone has their own sweet spot condition. You need to identify it and reach it every time during a workout. Once your body gets used to sweet spot, you will be able to increase the intensity, reach the HGH flush condition and still be energetic.

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