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September 25, 2022
Should Athletes Be Using Steroids?
Ben Tatar interviewed by Henry Banks

1) How do you feel about athletes who take illegal performance enhancing drugs?

BEN: I think Eddie Robinson who I did an interview with for www.criticalbench.com explained the issue of steroids well. Eddie said:

I am upset because bodybuilding was the sport that I have made my life, body building was my rock and it hurts to see the officials of the IFBB make it into a freak show only caring about their pockets and not for the welfare of their athletes. My friends who kept up with the times like flex Wheeler, Done Long etc. who both undergone Kidney transplants the last years know what I mean when it comes to the direction that the sport has taken. Let this be a learning tool for the fans that want to be pros in today's IFBB, and may the IFBB read this and make the proper changes to clean this sport up and set new policies for these new athletes who want to take the easy road and pump Silicone in their lagging body parts. --- http://www.criticalbench.com/Eddie-Robinson.htm Eddie Robinson

2). Do you feel that a semi-professional or professional athlete be ethically responsible for promoting a clean training routine?

BEN: Definitely, and I think that there are greater benefits when it comes to getting to the top without using roids than when using roids. I know many of you are saying to yourself that " 1)I should take steroids because steroids are the easy road to making it to the top of the sports World. I mean, we had a little tiny Pittsburgh Pirate who turned into a San Fransisco Giant who now holds the all time Home Run record from using steroids. 2) Steroids have turned normal high school athletes into Olympic Champions. And 3) steroids have turned many 90lbs weaklings into huge kids." Although all of you who think this might be right, keep in mind that a champion is a champion because champions work hard and I believe that an athlete can be just as great without ever needing to take drugs, as long as they trained their minds harder and more frequently than a roider shoots needles up their butts!

If a lifter can really learn how to do visualization techniques and always believe in themselves, I feel that with time the iron mind is a greater weapon for success than using all the best drugs in the world! Plus, since steorids have side effects the steroid athlete won't become as great as the athlete who doesn't use steroids because the drug free athlete has iron in their mind without a lot of personal issues along the side which ultimately destroys the roiders chances of having success, but with the clear and mind filled of iron that the drug free athlete has will surpass the steroid lifter even if it takes longer. If the lifter says no to steroids they will need to get ready for the journey! The journey of making pain, work, and sacrifice the athletes friends! Then no longer is the challenge work, but just a feeling of satisfaction, the sensation of reaping the reward of being in touch with our higher selves!

3) Have you taken any performance enhancing drugs or supplements, legal or illegal?

BEN: I have never used illegal drugs before. I take muscle milk, nitro tech protein powder, and I might experiment with Beverly International Supplements, as none of these are illegal drugs. I use supplements between meals as snacks. I supplement so I can get all the nutrients that I need to build muscle, recover, grow, and to give me the physical and mental energy that I need to perform effectively.

4) Do you feel they should re legalize any of the recently banned supplements?

Athletes Using Steroids BEN: I'm not going to sit here and tell you that we need to legalize supplements that were banned because that is the sissy thing to do. Athletes need to rely on applying attitude into everything that they do! If the athlete has the mental fortitude of a warrior and the heart of a lion then who cares about controversial supplements? In fact I would like to see the drugs go away and see what human being on this planet is really the strongest man from within! I dont see roiders as strong people because they didn't think that they had inner strength to be successful without drugs, and the only reason why people take drugs is because they don't believe in their natural minds and abilities. I know that drug users wish that I could see their imperfect selves perfectly so they could be accepted, but I want to save all of you drug free athletes who might consider using roids from dealing with the shadows, the lost darkness and pain that all of these steroid users and pro athletes who use drugs have to live through everyday. Just say no to these drugs and you will own yourself, instead of some crazy drug owning you!

5). In your opinion would the benefits of taking steroids out way the risk associated with taking steroids, and would you promote the use of them if they were legal?

BEN: It's better not to take steroids than to take steroids and I would not promote the use of steroids if they were legal. Here is why:

Training to be a better lifter and an athlete is not just about getting to the top, but training is an educator and a discipline tool to teach us what is really most important in life. I believe what is most important in life is feeling a connectedness to who we are, to other people, the moment, God, nature, and to the world. I feel like training is about integrating all of these things from the outer world and our inner selves into a dynamite force of one, and then carrying this dynamite force of one with us, and maximizing who we are as people in the gym, on the sports field and in everyday life! That my friend is happiness and success in a nutshell!

I will say that if you take steroids, this accomplishment will be impossible! However, if we say no to steroids and out work steroid users, even if it takes longer the drug free lifter will be better than steroid users in the end! Don't screw yourself and your family, who you are is great, larger than what we can comprehend and what every person combined can feel! So, say no to steroids and you will naturally discover your own hidden powers throughout time and they are unlimited! And for that I will always say no to steroids!

athletes using steroids


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