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June 8, 2023
Allowed Powerlifting Gear & Equipment By Federation
by Houseofpain.com

What supportive gear and equipment is legal in my powerlifting federation? (What can I wear to my next powerlifting meet?)

All federations allow a belt, not to exceed 10cm (4") wide, and 13mm thick. Padding is not allowed on the belt. All federations require a singlet.

Allowed Powerlifting Equipment by Federation


Up to 2-ply SQ & DL Suits, polyester only - no denim or canvas.
1-ply Groove Briefs are OK.
Knee Wraps up to 3.5 (yes 3.5) meters are OK.
Bench Shirts can be up to 2-ply of Poly or Denim, no canvas.
Closed back, Open-Back, or Velcro is OK on BP shirts.


Single-ply SQ and DL suits (poly, not canvas)
Single-ply BP shirt with solid back (no velcro)
No groove briefs
2-meter knee wraps
Wrist wraps, up to 1 meter long


Single-ply polyester SQ and DL suits
Single-ply BP; velcro is ok.
Groove briefs are allowed, in place of underwear.
2-meter knee wraps
Wrist wraps, up to 20" long


Multi-layer SQ & DL suits are okay, as long as it is a single garment.
Any 2-ply BP shirt; velcro is ok. Poly, denim, and canvas are ok.
Groove briefs are allowed
2.5-meter knee wraps
Wrist wraps, up to 36" long


Single-ply SQ &DL suits
2-ply poly or denim BP shirts. No canvas. Velcro back is allowed, but the back of the neck must be closed.
Groove briefs are ok


Single-ply SQ &DL suits
Single-ply poly or denim BP shirts. No canvas. Velcro back is ok.
Groove briefs are allowed.
2-meter knee wraps
Wrist wraps, up to 36" long


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