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September 25, 2022

Acai Berry - Can it Help Flatten Your Abs?
By David Grisaffi

Acai Berry - Can it Help Flatten Your Abs?

How can a little berry help you get the six pack abs you want? Is all of the hype around the acai berry just that: hype and B.S.? Let me tell you some of the scientific facts and health related issues that surround the subject and you can be the judge for yourself. FYI - This stuff is being pumped by the Oprah show like crazy.

With today's diets declining in nutritional value and the fact we eat much less fruits and vegetables. The acai berry is coming on strong. It is found atop towering palm tree in the tropical rainforest in South America. It boasts a wide range of nutrients and has become a celebrity as mentioned above on oprah.

The tribal leaders and healers used this berry to increase health, vitality, longevity, strength, energy and stamina. It was the all around king of foods.

The acai berry has been a major part of the diets of the peoples in the Amazon for centuries. It grows in abundance and can be used in dozens of ways as a food source in this poor region. It has been researched extensively as a health supplement, food dye, contrast agent for MRI's, and as a cancer fighting agent.

The acai berry in powdered, juice, or fruit form contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and phytosteriols. Every bodybuilder in the world can translate what that means for their workouts and muscle building abilities but, for the everyday guy, I will translate it a little bit.

Acai Berry - Can it Help Flatten Your Abs?

The acai berry gram for gram has a much higher sometimes as much as 15-20 times the antioxidants of red grapes or other fruits and vegetables. The pulp itself, as well as the juice, has a nice carbohydrate content. The combination of carbs and antioxidants will give you a lift in energy and stamina during your abdominal workouts. That lift will help you to build those six pack abs you have been after.

The omega fatty acids in the acai are the same as you will find in fish oils and flaxseed. They will help to increase your metabolism so that you can lose fat cells faster and more efficiently. The fiber that the berry contains improves your digestion so that you can cleanse your colon for these fat cells and the fat contained in your food. The fiber also suppresses your appetite by making you feel fuller, faster.

The amino acid contained in the acai will help your body build muscle and increase the function of your muscles.

Is the acai berry some kind of a miracle food? I think is has the potential It is a great supplement though. When it is taken with other aminos or carbs the effects are greatly increased. The top concern is that you maintain a healthy diet. You can mix your other powdered supplements with acai juice to have a fairly flavorful drink before your workout.

There are literally hundreds of acai berry supplements on the market. A lot of them are scams. The amount of acai they contain is very low for cost savings and that makes them ineffective to say the least. Watch for the percentage of acai and try to buy one that also contains green tea. The antioxidant levels are much higher that way.

The acai berry can help you get six pack abs through its ability to help muscle growth, increase your metabolism, and increase your energy and stamina. All of these have to be harnessed through an effective abdominal workout routine.

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