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Interview With UFC superstar Travis Lutter
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - August 2009

Interview With UFC superstar Travis Lutter

Travis Lutter won the Reality show "Full Contact Fighter" and was a Main Event fighter at UFC cards. What makes Travis unique is that he lived a very normal life, trained hard, and once he had the opportunity to show the world what he had, he headlined a UFC Main Event. He gives us all optimism that through hard training and having a vision, anything is possible.

CRITICAL BENCH: Travis, how did you get involved with the UFC?

I was training for another fight a couple of days before the UFC 50 and then they had a fighter drop out and they offered me a fight with Marvin Eastman and I guess the rest is history.

CRITICAL BENCH: What was it like being on the reality show "The Ultimate Fighter" and winning?

Being on the show during the filming was really hard. Being away from your family, not having access to everyday things like books, magazines and the internet was really tough. Winning on the other hand was probably the best thing that has happen to me in fighting.

CRITICAL BENCH: On the show you beat Scott Smith, Draggo and Patrick Cote. Write a sentence about what it was like fighting and beating each.

Scott Smith was a tough fight; he hits hard and is a good wrestler. Drago had better BJJ; still hit hard and was another tough fight. Patrick Cote was the best of the trio that I fought. He had an iron chin. His wrestling and BJJ was ok.

Interview With UFC superstar Travis Lutter

CRITICAL BENCH: You were in a UFC Main Event against the UFC's dominate fighter of all time, Anderson Silva and almost made him submit. What was it like fighting him and almost winning? Do you think that the fact that you couldn't compete for the title since you didn't lose enough weight, messed up your mindset?

That was a tough week. Not much went right leading up to that fight, but I really believed that I was the better fighter and should have beat him. I would love to have another crack at him.

CRITICAL BENCH: Since Anderson has been champion in the UFC, you are the only fighter who has made him look human. Are you facing any challenges in life right now that is harder than it was facing Anderson Silva?

Right now I am having a really hard time getting a fight. None of the bigger organizations are currently talking to me. I really think this will test me more than any fight ever has, not being able to find a fight. One minute you're hot and the next minute nobody will touch you. However, then again America is all about the second chance everybody loves a good comeback story.

CRITICAL BENCH: Away from being a full contact fighter, do you enjoy fighting outside of the UFC like in bars?

No I don't fight outside of the UFC. Going to jail doesn't sound fun to me. Call me crazy.

CRITICAL BENCH: If you could Main Event against any man in the world at WrestleMania who would you pick and why? Who would you pick in a UFC match and who would you pick in a WWE match?

Hulk Hogan because he is man. In MMA it would be to rematch Anderson for the simple reason I can beat him.

CRITICAL BENCH: Do you think it would be cool to step into the Octagon with the Undertaker or Big Show and make them tap? How would you beat them?

I am a pro fighter and they aren't. I would fight them as long as I was getting paid. I will fight anybody. I don't think they would be a problem.

Interview With UFC superstar Travis Lutter CRITICAL BENCH: A lot of people want to know the secrets of UFC champions and greats. List 5 factors that are important to becoming a great fighter?

Luck, skill, luck, luck, skill, and maybe a little more luck. Did I mention it helps to get a break?

CRITICAL BENCH: Travis, so far in your fight journey what has been your favorite, most memorable, most hardcore, and moment that changed you the most?

Most memorable would have to be winning the Ultimate Fighter 4. Not making weight would be the most hardcore. Being in the situation that I am in now with being a fighter without a home (Organization to fight for) has probably changed me the most. I really believe that I am one of the best middleweights out there I just haven't had a chance to prove it in awhile.

CRITICAL BENCH: What goes through your mind when you are in the Octagon?

Each time it is different for me but right before the ref lets us fight the same thought always goes through my mind "It is a good day to die". Crazy Horse is reported to have said it right before the Battle of Little Big Horn better known as Custer's Last Stand.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future goals?

To win the UFC middle weight title.

CRITICAL BENCH: Do you have any message that you would like to leave the UFC?

I will be back.

CRITICAL BENCH: What does your family think about your fighting?

When I first started fighting they didn't like it but after the Ultimate Fighter everything changed and they support me now.

CRITICAL BENCH: What was life like before being into the UFC?

The same as it is now. I taught classes and trained for fights.

I advise others to keep another job. Being a fighter is tough until you make it.

Interview With UFC superstar Travis Lutter

CRITICAL BENCH: Was living the life of being a fighter what you thought it was? Did it go as you expected?

I never really thought I was living the life of a fighter but just a guy that happened to fight. My life is still the same. I train to be the best; always did and still do.

CRITICAL BENCH: In closing do you have any comments for the future top fighters who fight you?

I am not done yet! Thank you, Travis Lutter


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