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June 23, 2024
Interview With Strongman Competitor Tim Nagy
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

stongman Tim Nagy CRITICAL BENCH: Tim what got you started in the sport of strongman?

Tim Nagy: I was at a body building show to support a friend and I was sitting right behind Jesse Marunde. I said to him when he got up, you look really familiar. He said he was a pro strongman and that I had probably seen him on the World Strongest Man on TV. Then he invited me out to train. The rest is history.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your best Strongman Events?

Tim Nagy: My best event by far is the log, 320lbs log for 5, 300lb log for 7. I am doing strict standing log military presses for 7 after a torn rear rotator. My silver dollar deadlift is also pretty good, 1040lbs.

CRITICAL BENCH: Wow, 1040lbs silver dollar deadlift, and pressing a 320lbs log over your head is incredible. Editors note to audience (Remember pressing a 185lbs log over your head is like pressing a 240lbs weight over your head because it's so bulky, so pressing a 320lbs log over ones head is like pressing a weight in the high 300s over ones head.) Anyway, Tim, what was your most memorable strongman moment?

Tim Nagy Tim Nagy: My most memorable was at my second contest ever and I beat everyone at everything. My other most memorable moment was a Canada show where on the first event I herniated a disc on the first event and couldn't compete for the rest of the competition. I had to watch EVERYONE miss the last log on the log lift medley- my best event. That was my contest but Grant Higa walked away with the spoils! Not this year!!!

CRITICAL BENCH: You are motivated! So, Tim, What was your funniest strongman moment!

Tim Nagy: The funniest was when we were training in Sequim at Jesse's gym and the event was hand over hand truck pull. We were using a gym members Toyota truck and sitting on a tire. When it was my turn, I sat on the back of the tire and gave a great pull and the rope gave way and I went ass over tea kettle backwards, luckily my noggin' is resilient to hard knocks!

Strongman Competitor CRITICAL BENCH: Tim, tell us about your diet, what's your power eating plan for strongman?

Tim Nagy: My girl is a registered dietitian! So don't tell her what I eat please. My diet is mostly hamburgers, the ninety nine cent ones 5-10. Steak, chicken breast, beef, chicken, teriyaki, lots of milk, eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese oatmeal and veggies. I take supplements, basically anything for recovery!!!! And lots of protein!

CRITICAL BENCH: Tim what do you think are the 5 best exercises to becoming super strong and tell us about your routine?

Tim Nagy: The 5 best exercises for getting strong are close grip bench, incline, squats, deads, and cleans. My routine is a secret, you will have to come out and train with me to see it.

CRITICAL BENCH: Away from strongman training what do you enjoy doing?

Tim Nagy: Traveling, meeting new people, movies, hiking, and checking out zoos/ animal sanctuaries, boating, swimming, and anything to do with summer!

CRITICAL BENCH: Sounds like quite the balanced lifestyle. So, Tim, what are your future goals in the sport of strongman?

Tim Nagy: To be the WORLD STRONGEST MAN... what else is there!

CRITICAL BENCH: Sounds good!! Is there anything else that you would like to tell all of the Critical Bench readers?

Tim Nagy: Take care of your shoulders, STRETCH, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Listen to other people when you ask them something! Drink water! Don't wait until you feel your strength is up before competing, just start! Always support the people around you. Finally, tell others how you feel about them before it's too late!


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