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June 23, 2024

Interview With Fitness Competitor
Model & Designer Sylvia Tremblay

Interviewed By Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - April 2008

Sylvia Tremblay Model Fitness Designer Swim Suits

This is Ben Tatar from Critical Bench and I am here with well-known Pro Fitness model and swim suit designer Sylvia Tremblay. I would give Sylvia and introduction, but anyone who knows fitness, knows Sylvia! She is simply one of the best fitness competitors to ever live. So, let's talk to this fitness legend and get some inside facts about who she is behind the scenes!

Critical Bench: Sylvia, what kind of car do you drive?

Sylvia Tremblay: Acura RSX SILVER!

Critical Bench: Sylvia your physique looks good from head to toes. What is your favorite body part on you?

Sylvia Tremblay: My Abs!

fitness model Sylvia Tremblay Critical Bench: Sylvia, what is your favorite exercise?

Sylvia Tremblay: Full depth squats!

Critical Bench: Sylvia you attend so many fitness events throughout the year. What fitness event is your favorite?

Sylvia Tremblay: The Arnold !

Critical Bench: Sylvia, how many swim suits do you make every 4 years with Tremblay Designs

Sylvia Tremblay: Over 1000!

Critical Bench: Wow, and keep in mind fans, this includes pros too! Sylvia, what has been your favorite fitness moment?

Sylvia Tremblay: When I won Fitness America Pageant in 2002!!

Critical Bench: When was the last time you cried?

Sylvia Tremblay: A year ago when I saw my Niece for the first time!

Critical Bench What is your ideal vacation?

Sylvia Tremblay: HAWAII

Critical Bench: what is your favorite attribute of your personality?

Sylvia Tremblay: I'm funny!

fitness model Sylvia TremblayCritical Bench: Outside of weight training what physical activities do you like to do?

Sylvia Tremblay: Cross Country Mountain Biking, rollerblading and water skiing.

Critical Bench: Sylvia, have you ever beaten up an ex boyfriend before?

Sylvia Tremblay: Yes! One day I had a really jealous boyfriend and he was abusing me, shoving me, punching me so I punched him back as hard as I could and then I kicked his ass! Haha

Critical Bench: Way to go Sylvia! What's the worst pick up line you've ever heard?

Sylvia Tremblay: A guy once said to me "what kind of food do you eat to be so cute?" My answer was "burgers," which is not true. Haha

Critical Bench: How do you motivate your clients at "Sylvia Tremblay Fitness Camps?"

Sylvia Tremblay: WHEN MY CLIENTS SAY "SYLIVA I'M NOT A GYMNAST" I say "hello, I'm not a gymnast either." Then they say "I try and I try and I can't do that move" Well, I then say to them "Have you ever seen a baby quit trying to walk?" Babies never quit and try and try and one day JUST walk!!

Sylvia Tremblay Fitness Routine 2002

Critical Bench: What is your ultimate dream?

Sylvia Tremblay: I've been designing swimsuit for 16 years and creating fitness design for over 4 years, I will like to be well recognized in the swimsuit industry and have my own swimsuit line, not only in fitness and figure but just like all the big names like Gottex and Victoria Secret.

Critical Bench: What is the biggest challenge being a fitness competitor?

Sylvia Tremblay: Doing new gymnastics moves when I'm not a gymnast!

Critical Bench: You've been on many TV shows before. What was the craziest thing you've ever done on national television?

Sylvia Tremblay: When I did the High Dive into the ocean for the TV show FORT BOYARD!

Critical Bench: What are you afraid of?

fitness model Sylvia Tremblay Sylvia Tremblay: Spiders

Critical Bench: I hear you have a great boyfriend named Chris. Tell us about him?

Sylvia Tremblay: We've been together for 7 years. He's intellectual (knows everything about cars,) he's peaceful, calm and a very good guy.

Critical Bench: Who are your heroes?

Sylvia Tremblay: My parents are my heroes! They taught me everything. They taught me to be strong, to be honest and genuine! To never quit! My dad always said "Never think I can't, just try!"

Critical Bench: Sylvia, your favorite health food and cheat food is?

Sylvia Tremblay: Health food- FRUIT (all kinds) cheat food (Nachos) with lots of cheese!

Critical Bench: Sylvia, if you could live life as any kind of animal what kind would it be?

Sylvia Tremblay: A lion, cat, or tiger! They run fast, they are agile and they attack! Rowwwwwwww! haha

Critical Bench: How do you cope with stress?

Sylvia Tremblay: When I want to become calm, I just close my eyes, take 3 deep breathes and think about something calm like the ocean and try to push my stress level to really low and then I open my eyes and everything is okay!

When I'm feeling down, I close my eyes, take 3 deep breathes, and I think of something really funny! LIKE MY COOKING SONG! hahaha! (SINGING IT!)

Critical Bench: SILLY SYLVIA!! You're the first interviewee to sing us a song! Sylvia, what was the last book you read?

Sylvia Tremblay: HEAL WITH THE ANGELS!!

Critical Bench: Thank you Sylvia. We'll keep an eye or two on you as continue to grow personally and professionally. See you at the Arnold next year.

Sylvia Tremblay and Ben Tatar at the 2008 Arnold



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