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April 13, 2024
Interview With Trainer Shawn Bellon
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

Shawn Bellon is super strong. He has squatted 890lbs, deadlifted 810lbs, and bench pressed 580lbs raw. Shawn is well known at oldschoolbodybuilding.com where he is willing to help lifters achieve their goals. During Shawn's quest for strength, he has suffered some injuries. However, Shawn is strong willed and he has bounced back and we should see some more incredible feats of strength from this monster in months and years ahead. Everyone, Critical Bench brings you SHAWWWNNN BELLONNNN!

CRITICAL BENCH: Hello everyone, I am here with Shawn Bellon. Shawn tell us about yourself.

Thanks. My name is Shawn Bellon and I am 33 years old. I have been lifting since I was 11 years old. I work in sales and advertising along with being a personal trainer in some of our local gyms and online. I have clients on oldschoolbodybuilding.com where I am known as Future. I can be reached at future@cyber-rights.biz

CRITICAL BENCH: Very cool! That video of you squatting is a scary display of strength. Shawn, what are your best lifts?

Actually my "gym" lifts are great but I always managed to hurt myself in training so honestly unless I do it in a meet I don't care that much. I have deadlifted 810, benched 580 and squat 890 raw. I weighed 295. I think my best competitive total was around 1500 at 198. It's been a long time since I competed.

I competed in the Indian Summer Classic, Ohio Invitational, and a couple of smaller meets.

CRITICAL BENCH: Shawn, that's an amazing total that you have! Deadlifting 810, bench pressing 580 and squatting 890 raw is sick! What was your 5 favorite parts about competing in the Indian Summer Classic?

1. In that meet there was just so much sportsmanship.
2. I had a small write up in powerlifting USA which felt great being only 18.
3. I got back into lifting with the ADFPA.
4. I qualified for collegiates.
5. Mike Overdeer, and his wife Angie were awesome! Powerlifting has some really good people.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future powerlifting goals?

I'd like to total 2600 at 275. But for now just getting back on the platform after several major injuries and surgeries would be great. Next year should be interesting since now I am healing up!

CRITICAL BENCH: Shawn, go take the powerlifting world by storm!! Tell us about your friends and mentors in the sport of powerlifting? What do they mean to you?

Well my old coach Ron Kauffman was amazing getting me started. He helped me with just a couple of tweaks in my squat and then I just took off. Scott Dierckman is the owner of Cardinal Fitness here in Fort Wayne. He is very accommodating to me with my training needs. Local strongman, Doug Bahr, is very encouraging to me. He has a lot of knowledge in the sport. And finally my training partner, Tami. She is a bodybuilder but respects my sport. She pushes me. All of these people in my life are great supports. I consider myself really blessed.

CRITICAL BENCH: You have a crazy squat! What separates Shawn from the other powerlifters who aren't super strong when it comes to squatting?

For squat you can't be afraid with a bar loaded on your back. It's so mental. And I worked all the time on my technique.

CRITICAL BENCH: What advice would you give to other powerlifters who would like to compete or who "might" like to compete someday but who are unsure?

Contact Sam Byrd. He has some great stuff for RAW powerlifting. He is a total beast squatting over a grand at 198. Sam loves the sport. And you should surround yourself with people that are passionate about this endeavor...

CRITICAL BENCH: Good advice. Away from the sport of powerlifting what is your life like? What things do you enjoy doing for fun?

Well, I work in radio so I am pretty busy with that. I love just hanging out with my friends. Coffee shops are my best friend. Nothing better than good coffee and good conversation. I also putz around on the web far too much. I enjoy reading a lot of books.

CRITICAL BENCH: That's awesome that you are successful and well rounded outside of strength sports! Give us your powerlifting routine and diet? (do you do cardio too?)

My routine right now is just powerbuilding. I do Doggcrapp training as I heal up. It emphasizes compound exercises in a low volume approach. Once I am in season I will use my Westside ideas although Dante has some thoughts about powerlifting that I am very curious to hear.

My diet is very much like that of the famous DANTE of Doggcrapp training. He is great. I appreciate his love for powerlifting. I keep my fats and carbs seperate in my meals. I get about 400-500 grams of protein a day from www.trueprotein.com where I get various blends. SHB747 saves each person about 5% on their purchases.

Cardio? Yes, I do cardio 3 times a week. Nothing excessive but everyone needs to take care of their heart.

Critical Bench: There are many different routines out there. What type of training is your favorite?

I like a powerbodybuilding routine with higher reps during the offseason then work toward a Westside approach once getting 3 -4 months out from a meet.

Critical Bench: ok, let's play the Critical Bench 30 second drill! I'm going to ask you a quick question and tell me what is the first thing that comes to your mind.


Critical Bench: Who is your favorite powerlifter?

Ed Coan without question!

Critical Bench: What is your favorite thing about powerlifting?

Doing what so few can do.

Critical Bench: What is your least favorite thing about powerlifting?

The politics of the feds. It's stupid. And ALL the feds are in it for themselves. I think have about 50 world champs in the same class from all these feds is lame.

Critical Bench: How do you see the future of powerlifting?

It's on the downside I think. The sport has peaked.

Critical Bench: What highlights of powerliftings past have impressed you the most?

Anything with Coan. I love watching Bolton deadlift. Kara B is just a total brute. Becca Swanson is beyond words.

CRITICAL BENCH: Shawn it was great talking to you. In closing is there anything else that you would like to say? Or anyone who you would like to thank?

Powerlifting is fun. I hope people don't lose site in being a balanced human being though. We get a little too big for ourselves when we qualify value of a human being because he is stronger or bigger. That is foolish and shallow. Enjoy the sport but enjoy building real relationships and connecting with your community.

I want to thank my training partner Tami Meyers. Old School Bodybuilding has been awesome for me training my clients online. True Protein is always getting me great deals. I am lucky for the relationship. Skip at Intensemuscle.com puts up with my dorky posts but I love the site and really appreciate being there. And thank you to Critical Bench for taking the time to talk to me. You can contact me through Old School Bodybuilding or email me at: future@cyber-rights.biz.

Critical Bench: Shawn thank you for your time. Great job becoming the monster you have and best wishes improving yourself in powerlifting and in all other aspects of your life that are important to you. Thanks.


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