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Interview With MMA Fighter Seth "Bigsexi" Cole
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - Posted April 2007

Seth Bigsexi Cole - MMA Seth Cole has won 3 Arena ball championships with the Mesa Warriors. He has also won a championship with the Arrowhead Lunatics in the AZFL, and he was named the Defensive player of the year in 1997. In wrestling Seth was an RMN World Champion. If that is not enough, Seth also holds a bench press of 555lbs, a squat of 810 and a power clean of 435lbs. Seth has the all time record in the bench press and power clean for both his college and high school. Without any further discussion, Critical Bench brings to you the ultimate badass himself Seth "Bigsexi" Cole!

1) CRITICAL BENCH: Seth introduce yourself to Critical Bench!

I am an MMA fighter out of Bellevue Ohio. I have been a wrestler for over 20 years and have been an athlete my entire life. For me, competition has always been a huge part of life. I went to High School in Glendale AZ , @ Deer Valley. I played football, wrestled, and threw the shot and discuss, and ran the 4x100. I graduated in 1992.I was an All-American in both wrestling and football in high school, and that has sort of set the pace for my entire life. After High school I went to Fort Hays St. Univ. on a football scholarship. I got bored and wrestled as well. College was great, I'd love to do it all over again. I graduated from college in 1996. After college I played arena football for the Mesa Warriors and won 3 Arena ball championships. I also played for the Arrowhead Lunatics in the AZFL where I won the championship as well. In 1998 I was in an auto accident and for a few years I put everything on hold. I got back into wrestling, both coaching as well as competition in 2005. I became the RMN World Champion on April 15, 2006. After the tournament I was approached by an MMA Promoter. I at that point did my research and jumped in with both feet. So here I am today.

2) CRITICAL BENCH: That's an awesome resume of accomplishments! Critical Bench will look out for you in MMA competition! So Seth, how did you get into strength sports and become such a badass?

Seth cole It all started in the 7th grade when the JR. High wrestling coach asked me if I would like to wrestle. I accepted and got my ass handed to me that first year by guys a lot stronger than me. I at that point started lifting and lifting hard. Once I got into High School and saw how quickly I was gaining size and strength, it was like a DRUG, I was addicted. By my junior and senior years I was a beast. I was pinning guys in 7 seconds, I was sacking quarterbacks at will, and I was setting records all over the place and all my different sports.

3) CRITICAL BENCH: Who did you play football for? What were you bench pressing in high school and what were you benching in your prime?

High school was Deer Valley in Glendale Arizona. I was an All-State and an All-American. I came in benching 225 as a freshman and left high school bench pressing 455.

College was at Fort Hays State University in Hays Kansas.

I played Arena Football for the Mesa Warriors. This was a blast. We won 3 Arena titles, and I was a stand out being named Defensive player of the year in 1997. (I could bench press 555.)

I also played for the Arrowhead Lunatics in the AZFL, and won the Championship as well in 1998.That also was a great time.

4) CRITICAL BENCH: What were some of your craziest experiences that you have seen in life?

I don't think there is enough room on the interview.

5) CRITICAL BENCH: What are your best gym lifts and what makes you different in the gym from everyone else?

Seth Cole Football Star Best gym lifts:

Bench: 555
Squat: 810
Powerclean: 435

I think what makes me different is the fact that I am not there to show off. I have a job to do and I go there to do it. I don't like to talk to people or shoot the shit, you know, socialize. I want to get to my lifts, and get a good work out. It seems to me too many people go to the gym to pick up chicks and look good for all the wrong reasons. I laugh at the guys that do curls like 5 days a week and have little chicken legs. It's a job...get out of the way or pay the price. I am happy getting a good workout in an hour if I can.

6) CRITICAL BENCH: Seth you got in an accident. Tell us about the experience. What was it like? Are you thankful in anyway for the accident?

Yeah, a lady in a 1979 Suburban ran a red light and hit me head on...I was in a 1998 300zx. Needless to say, SHE WON! I spent what seemed like forever in the hospital. When I got out it was a long road to recover. My knee looked like a watermelon. It was like a living hell. I couldn't walk, run, and lift, nothing. That's hard for a guy that hasn't sat for more than 5 minutes at a time without doing something. I am definitely not thankful for the wreck. It took a long period of my life away. I can't say I benefited from it in any way.

7) CRITICAL BENCH: Seth, what are your creeds to live by?

Do unto others... my biggest

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime...

Be kind to everyone...at least till they piss you off.

8) CRITICAL BENCH: Seth are into MMA. What got you into that sport? What fighters impress you the most and what is it about MMA that you love so much?

Honestly, the 1st time I saw the Forrest Griffin, Stephen Bonner fight I was hooked. These guys were animals...true Warriors. I still have my favorites. Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin is my two heroes. Chuck for his ability to totally dominate his opponent. His hand speed is phenomenal. Also he hits like a Mac Truck!!! Forrest, well the guy has no quit in him. Its 110%

CRITICAL BENCH: Seth, Critical Bench hopes you go far in the sport of MMA and that you kick a lot of ass like you have done all of your life! In closing is there anyone who you would like to thank and tell the Iron Minds of Critical Bench?

Yes, I would like to thank the Havuk Skwad welcoming me with no strings attached. Having never met me and welcoming me the way they did. I would like to thank the Wreck Room for training me and getting my ass back into shape. Mitch Whitesel (Gladiator fighting series middle weight champion) for showing me the ropes. My sponsors. Project 240 apparel, Mean gear, Serious Pimp, and Nautical, you guys are awesome.

Remember, it's never too late to follow your dreams. All it takes is dedication, and desire. If you put your mind to it and your heart in it, you can accomplish anything.

Thank you
Seth "Bigsexi" Cole




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