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New Interview With Ron H20 Waterman

Former WWE wrestler, Full Contact Fighter, Super Star Bodybuilder

by Ben Tatar

Ron H20 Waterman

Ron Waterman is famous- Whether you know who he is from your VIDEO GAME… from following Full Contact Fighting, "Team Impact" watching the WWE or just walking past him in the streets, you can't miss him!! I remember seeing Ron Waterman Wrestle at the Pepsi arena and he was one of the most impressive looking men that I have ever seen and I have seen a lot.

While I was watching Ron compete in Albany, I honestly thought that I was watching the next Hulk Hogan, but unlike Hogan, Ron was an athlete, Ron was someome that could actually perform in the ring and move around like Kurt Angle, yet he was able to work the crowd like Hogan. Ron is no longer with the WWE and he went into the Ultimate Fighting Championships. He simply dominated everyone! Now he is in PRIDE fighting the best of the best and doing well! He even beat Cro Crop one of the best heavy weight fighters to ever live. However, no matter where Ron is, Ron is the type of man who generates power anywhere he goes whether he is beating someone up in the Octagon, or doing strength feats with the genetic freaks of Team Impact or whooping ass on your video game. Lets see what this hero and combatant had to say- Here at Critical Bench WE BRING YOU THE LEGEND HIMSELF, RON H20 WATERMAN!

Critical Bench: Ron tell us about yourself.

Ron Waterman: I am 38yrs old and have been married to my wonderful wife Jody for 17yrs. We have 2 awesome boys, Justin 15 and Austin 10 both of whom were undefeated this Wrestling season.. Have to brag... I am a Minister with Team Impact www.team-impact.com and love what I do. I am also still competing in Mixed Martial Arts with Pride, IFC, and Extreme Cagefighting.

Critical Bench: What got you started in lifting?

Ron Waterman: Sports. I was a wrestler and understood at an early age that strength will help you in many ways.. I began lifting weights at the age of 14 and made it part of my lifestyle.

Critical Bench: How did you get sooo huge and ripped?

Ron Waterman: I have been training in the weight room for 23 years and am very consistent. I eat very clean, and take care of my body with quality supplements.

Critical Bench: Is it hard to spend time in the gym with your active life?

Ron Waterman: The amount of time to spend in the gym is hard with a family, and career. I train at 5am everyday so I don't take time away from my family. I also train with my wife so we can spend as much time as possible together. My wife is in very good shape as well and benches 225lbs.

Critical Bench: That's a great bench- So what is your best bench? And other upper body lifts?

Ron Waterman: I have a 500lb bench, and a 315lb military press. I do strict flat chest flies with 90lb dumbbells.

Ron H20 Waterman

Critical Bench: What motivates you to be the best?

Ron Waterman: I have a competitive spirit, if I am going to do something I am going to give it my all, and be happy with the results.

Critical Bench: What do you think makes the difference between a champion and an Average Joe?

Ron Waterman: Consistency. Never giving up, getting up when you fall and you will fall. Keeping a positive outlook on life. Being a champion on the inside is better than any medal or Trophy you will ever receive.

Critical Bench: What is the biggest mistakes beginners make?

Ron Waterman: Expecting to be the best overnight and taking shortcuts to get there. Hard work and determination will get you to the top. If you want it bad enough and your motives are pure, nothing can stop you.

Critical Bench: Can you give us a major piece of advice that you have learned over the years?

Ron Waterman: One thing I have learned over the years is that your intake of nutrition is more important than what and how you lift in the gym. If your Protein intake is not there and good calories everyday, your not going to grow. Keep track of your supplementation also so you know what supplements your body reacts to. Journal your diet and workout so you know what's working and what's not. Also don't get stuck in the same routine, it's easy to do the same thing over and over in the gym. Your body is smart and won't grow unless you are constantly changing things up with sets, reps and exercises. A good training partner is key to growth.

Critical Bench:: Great advice! what were some of your most memorable experiences being a WWE wrestler/ Ohio Valley Wrestler and Full Contact Fighter?

Ron Waterman: I have met some good friends, and have traveled all around the world. It was a good experience for a short time to travel with WWE, nothing like performing in front of 60 thousand fans in Madison Square Garden .

Fighting around the world in MMA is much different, you need to be in a different state of mind. It keeps the competitiveness in me and pays very well overseas. Japanese fans are great.

Critical Bench: A lot of us are curious, just how strong are the guys in the WWE?

Ron Waterman: Brock is one of the only guys I have ever trained with that trains as intensely as I do. He has farm boy strength, but works very hard. We both bench around the 500lbs mark and would stack about 1300lbs on the sled once a week, for a leg workout. Big Show is a freaky strong guy for not training hard, I saw him press Brock in Practice one day like he was a toothpick. Mark Henry is obviously very strong, his legs are crazy strong, he deeps squats well over 600lbs for easy reps. Cane and Blado are very strong guys.

Critical Bench: Ron, most of the WWE wrestlers look great. They are huge and great athletes. Can the average wrestler in the WWE bench 405?

Ron Waterman: No, most can't… Most aren't nearly as strong as one would think or train as hard as one would think. In fact most just train to stay off the injury reserved list…

Critical Bench: are there any funny stories you would like to share?

Ron Waterman: I was a short fat kid in Grade school and decided way back then I wanted to be a bodybuilder. I wanted to look like Arnold . It always inspired me when I saw these guys. It's all it took was a vision back in 6th grade. Anyone can reach the top if they can see themselves there. Never give up on a dream.

Critical Bench: Any closing words?

Ron Waterman: I take each workout as a competition and don't leave until I am totally drained of everything I have for that body part. Train intensely, don't waist time in the gym. I use supersets and trisets for almost everything to alleviate dead time. If not I do crunches and calves between sets. You can keep up with my career and email me questions at www.ronwaterman.com




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