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Interview With Mixed Martial Artist "Razor" Rob McCullough
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

1) CRITICAL BENCH: Why do you love full contact fighting so much?

RAZOR ROB: I am very competitive and I have always enjoyed the thrill of hand to hand combat! I also really enjoy the intense training aspect when preparing for fights and fighting! It puts me in a different state of mind! I got started in fighting because it gave me options, when I didn't think there were any.

2) CRITICAL BENCH: You are as badass and as tough as they come. What was the most gutsy and toughest thing that you have ever done in a fight?

RAZOR ROB: I broke my hand in my first pro muay thai fight and I still finished the fight with a broken hand!

3) CRITICAL BENCH: That's sick, fighters have strength and toughness in places that most people never knew existed. Well, as far as winning is concerned, what victories have been your favorite so far?

Razor Rob McCullough RAZOR ROB: There have been so many of them and I remember bits and pieces of all of them. However, the most memorable was the P.F.C. 8 Man Tournament that I won! I was bloody and the whole thing was just a reaction! I turned off and did stuff, I didn't even know I knew!

4) CRITICAL BENCH: What is your mental training like before a fight? And tell us what is going through your mind when you are fighting in the most extreme sport in the world?

RAZOR ROB: I do a lot of visualizing ! I remember that I'm doing this for fun! I'm not going to go to jail when it's over.. In the fight it's REACTION! I train for the worst and I expect the best!

5) CRITICAL BENCH: You are a shredded monster as well as an unbelievable fighter. Tell us about your weight training routine, diet and cardio before a fight?

RAZOR ROB: I try to lift a full body super set when lifting so I get muscle endurance as well as strength. I run a lot and I watch my fat instake as well as my carb intake and I avoid the bad ones.

Razor Rob McCullough 6) CRITICAL BENCH: Do you have any funny moments that you would like to share?

RAZOR ROB: We were in the big bear training as team punishment and we hadn't really done anything in weeks, except eat, sleep and train. Well, I went to K Mart, bought a child's t-shirt and I put it on.... Then I went and trained with it on like nothing was weird and everybody had a huge laugh.

7) CRITICAL BENCH: What does it feel like to have made it so big, what's the best part about it?

RAZOR ROB: Just realizing I made it! I'm doing something that I love and I am getting paid for it!

8) CRITICAL BENCH: Who do you think is the greatest fighter that ever lived? And who is your toughest opponent ever?

RAZOR ROB: Hmm.. Muhammad Ali for all his sacrifice and for the fact that he was a black man who earned everyone's respect in a time when it was really hard to do that. For toughest opponent, hmm.. My mom.

Razor Rob McCullough 9) CRITICAL BENCH: What was the best advice that you were ever told and what was the worse?

RAZOR ROB: My first kicking boxing teacher said " Humm Nice Kick Kid". The worse advice "You're going there to get a pay check".

10) CRITICAL BENCH: Who is your biggest mentor?

RAZOR ROB: Myself...

CRITICAL BENCH: What would you like to tell all fighters and critical bench athletes?


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