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June 10, 2023
Interview With Powerlifting Hall of Famer Rickey Dale Crain
by Mike Westerdal of CriticalBench.com

Rickey, tell the Critical Bench readers a little background information about yourself.

Rickey Dale CrainHere's my profile:

Born February 18, 1953
Phoenix, Arizona

2000 inductee to the Powerlifting Hall Of Fame

5 Time World Champion, 10 Time National Champion

Has competed for 35 years and broken over 100 National, International and World Records

2 Time All-American Powerlifter in College Winner of the 1976 Pan American Games

Listed As One Of The Top 25 Powerlifters Of All Time

Part Of The Only Brother-Sister World Champions Ever With Sister Gayla Sue Crain Dixon

Started lifting at age two

Early Career Idols: Donald Neil Crain (father), Jerry Jones (a.k.a. JJ), George Crawford, and Paul Anderson

You started powerlifting at a young age. How do you think that helped you later in life?

I learned discipline at a very early age...how to strive to want something and then set goals to reach it....

Your father was an avid weight lifter and was an ideal role model for you. What’s the most important thing that he taught you?

To believe in yourself....and work hard....very hard.

Rickey Dale Crain Who are the Colorado Fourteeners?

You mean what?

54 colorado mountians above 14,000 foot.

Which Colorado Fourteener trip was your favorite?

So far Mt Huron.

What are your best competition lifts and best gym lifts?

Best competition lifts:
Weight class
Bench press

...see above.....

It’s not an easy question but which of your powerlifting feats are you the proudest of?

My 661 deadlift at 148lb on second attempt to win my first ipf world championship...it was 22 lbs above the current ipf world record and i beat two other world champions in doing it.......

How did it feel to get inducted into the York Barbell Powerlifting Hall of Fame?

Indescribable...especially since my dad was their with me.....

Rickey Dale Crain Tell us about Crains Muscle World. You’ve been in business for 28 years and seem to carry everything a powerlifter could ask for.

You just said it all.

Tell us about your book “To Squat Or Not To Squat”. Where can someone get a copy?

e-mail us....but it has been reprinted bigger and better........and is now "XTREME SQUATTING"

By Rickey Dale Crain's Muscle World, Ltd
Softcover – 200 pages with Xtreme Squatting music CD - $24.95

From the World’s Greatest Bencher to the World’s Greatest Squatter.

Mike MacDonald - 1978

"I've always said that 'an ounce of action is worth a pound of talk'. Rickey Dale Crain offers the proof. His newly published book titled 'Xtreme Squatting' in which he reveals the time tested and proven methods for moving big numbers in the squat. Rickey has squatted an official 800 pounds at 165. If you seriously want big returns from the time you invest in training your legs then this is an incredible chance to buy 'Xtreme Squatting' by one of the best in the iron game."

Dennis B. Weis
MuscleMag International Columnist

Rickey Dale Crain on Cover of Powerlifting USA Rickey Dale Crain’s longevity as a world champion powerlifter, journalist, equipment designer and as the sport’s self-appointed video archivist uniquely qualify him as perhaps the single most qualified man on the planet to be writing a book on squatting. He has been at the very heart of powerlifting’s science, politics, reporting and commerce for almost 45 years. Where else would you go for squatting advice?

Dr. Fred Hatfield

Discover how a “real” champion trains — the motivation required, the true love for the sport of Powerlifting, the success. The sophisticated form, style and techniques, alomg with tricks and tips of how to get to the top. A champion who reveals how he made it. Learn everything about the motivation, the training, the best peaking cycle, the best equipment for success in the Squat. About the diet and the best exercises to increase your performance on the squat. Including dozens and dozens of super photos of athletes for the past 40 plus years and much more...! The most complete book ever written on competitive squatting!

Rickey Dale Crain Accepting Induction Into the Powerlifting Hall of Fame Okay so this is the Critical Bench Web site, we’d love to find out some more about the Bench Press Book you’re working on…..

The deadlift book is the next one comoing out in the spring of 2007. The bench press book is set for the end of next year so you'll have to wait and see.

What advice would you give to an advanced powerlifter trying to win a world championship? Is this the same advice you’d give to a beginner?

Yep, form, syle and technique is the most important thing you can work on. Never quit and never miss a workout, consistency is the key!!

Do you have a favorite workout routine that you stick to?

Not really, routines change as you change and age.... but never give up on a routine. It is not as important though as the form.

I’m happy to see that Jesus is your lord and savior! How has Jesus Christ touched your life?

He has allowed me to be an instrument of his....to be able to share with others... as Jeremiah had a burning fire in his heart for GOD each us should also.....

Explain how powerlifting demos can help spread the word about Jesus?

Anything you can do to cath their attention is what it is all about.

In addition to being a powerlifting hall of famer you’re also a musician. Tell us about your three original albums.

Been playing guitar for 40-years....written hundres of original songs. My whole family is into musci, my dad was trumpet player from the Oklahoma University Marching Band.

My sister and brother are both high school music teachers. My brother who is a powerlifter and bodybuilder also has a recording studio..... His group actually had a top 40 song in the 70's. My daughter is a musician and is on tour also at the moment.

Wow, you do come from a musical and powerful family. So what’s next for Rickey Dale Crain?


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and expertise with us, we wish you the best of success in everything you do.

Rickey Dale Crain in the 70's


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