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June 23, 2024
Interview With The World's Largest Bodybuilder Quincy Taylor
as told to CriticalBench.com by Ben Tatar

Huge Bodybuilder Quincy Taylor CRITICAL BENCH: Critical Bench welcomes the biggest man from the 2007 Arnold Classic, Quincy Taylor! Quincy it's great to have the biggest and most muscular monster in the world with us today. I can't wait to learn more about the man behind the monster! Quincy, tell us about yourself.

Quincy Taylor: My name is Quincy Taylor. I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I have been working with weights since I was 12. At the age of 16 I was bench pressing 425lbs at 175lbs.

CRITICAL BENCH: That's a huge bench press for any age and any weight, let alone you doing it at 16 and at 175lbs! Quincy, you're the biggest bodybuilder that I have ever seen and I've seen many pros before and nobody even really comes close to you in size in my opinion! You stand out alone as the king of all the freaks! Quincy, the world wonders what the biggest bodybuilder in the world can bench press. So, I must ask the famous question to the world's biggest bodybuilder, "HOW MUCH DO YOU BENCH PRESS?"

Quincy Taylor: My best bench press is 610lbs!

CRITICAL BENCH: Very strong! Tell us about your training routine and your diet?

Quincy Taylor: I train with lots of isolation movements. Lots of reps. I make sure the blood gets into the muscles. My rep ranges are usually 10-15 reps and I'm always posing while I am training. I train for an hour and a half to two hours per workout. I also do cardio, where I go on the stair stepper for 45 minutes. I mostly use medium weights.

My Calorie intake is anywhere from 3,000 - 7,000 a day! I eat clean all around. I eat like a normal person who eats healthy I just 5 times more.

CRITICAL BENCH: Many people believe you were the largest bodybuilder at the 2007 Arnold Classic. Your shoulders were bigger than my head, haha! How big were you?

Quincy Taylor: I was 6'4 360lbs with LESS than 10% body fat at the 2007 Arnold Classic.

Quincy Taylor at the 2007 Arnold Classic

CRITICAL BENCH: WOW! How big are you now and how big will you be when you are on stage next?

Quincy Taylor: Right now I am 6'4 340lbs with 5-6% body fat. On stage I will be 325lbs with 3% body fat!

CRITICAL BENCH: Quincy before you were the biggest monster of all the monsters in the world, how did your bodybuilding journey begin? How did you get started in bodybuilding?

Quincy Taylor: I grew up in North Las Vegas! In school I was athletic. I played ball, ran track, and did the whole scholastic sports things. However, I always got in trouble. People picked on me a lot. When I was 12, I knocked out a high school SENIOR! I got picked on so much that I had to turn to the weights so I wouldn't beat up and destroy too many people. I'm now happy for the negative things that people said about me because it pissed me off, it motivated me to workout harder and as a result I got bigger and stronger.

After I started lifting weights, a few pro bodybuilders really inspired me. Shawn Ray really inspired me. When I first saw Shawn Ray, he freaked me out! Shawn might have been a jerk at the time, maybe we didn't see eye to eye, but he inspired me and made me want to be a bodybuilder!

CRITICAL BENCH: Great story! In bodybuilding do you think most of the pros get along and do you see pro bodybuilding like one big family? Or do you see a lot of bad blood in the sport of bodybuilding among the pros?

Quincy Taylor: Most bodybuilders don't get along. Most bodybuilders like to carry the motto "I'm better than you!" A lot of pros also won't tell me anything! It's a ruthless sport! The only time they will tell you anything is if you pay them!

Quincy Taylor Interview CRITICAL BENCH: Despite, the negativity among bodybuilders, you still love bodybuilding. Quincy, what message would you like to give kids who would like to pursue bodybuilding?

Quincy Taylor: You have to be in bodybuilding because you love it. You can't be in bodybuilding for money or fame because it's totally not worth it! In bodybuilding you don't make money! Golfers and tennis players make more than us! Most of the pro bodybuilders lie about how much they make! Then when their careers end, they don't have dick! They think they are pro football players and they don't make dick!! There are a few rare exceptions like Shawn Ray got his pro card when he was 19 and he had rich parents. Most parents though, won't support you with this crap.

I love this sport because I don't have control over any aspect of my life. There is one thing I have control over and that is I have control over my body. I can make it as big, small, or as hard as I want. You need major/major discipline. That is what I love about it!

CRITICAL BENCH: Real insightful stuff! Honest as heck! Very cool! Quincy, what adversities have you had to overcome?

Quincy Taylor: I've had to overcome a lot! I've been through divorces, raising kids, and I grew up with asthma. I've traveled all over the world and I've achieved so many things. I have come a long way!

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your favorite exercises?

Quincy Taylor: I love training legs. I love training my quads and my lower back because of my height! Since I'm tall, I need to make sure my core is strong! I know those are the exercises that will hurt, so I always look forward to beating those parts up!

CRITICAL BENCH: Quincy what are your LEAST favorite exercises?

Quincy Taylor: You can't ever think negative! You have to think positive all the time! You got to convince yourself in your mind! You got to make you think that you love something! I get sick of people saying "I cant, I don't, I cant, I can't." You can't drink water, I can't eat shit!" "You can't make f*cking excuses!" I don't f*cking cheat like that, so shut the f*ck up! This is business! Do it 180% or don't do it at all! Don't be wishy washy! When people go out and wine and cry about shit, "this sucks, this hurts, f*ck yes it's going to hurt!!' If you can't take punishment in this life, what are you going to take in the next!?! I PUT THAT OUTLOOK ON EVERYTHING IN LIFE!

Even if I was paralyzed in a wheel chair I would still be moving my finger!

CRITICAL BENCH: I love it! Still moving your finger! Wishy washy cry babies! hahaha! Quincy, do you think that magazines have ever perceived you in a false light?

Quincy Taylor: Yes. I mean "Who the f*ck said I was retiring. I lived the best of my life. They said I'm making a "come back," come back?? I didn't make an f*cking comeback! I was always here! I get really f*cking annoyed with human beings sometimes. Certain pros treated me like trash. So I said that I will never treat people like crap because I didn't want to be like some of the other pros. Common, you're getting paid, you're a persona, and if you don't treat others well, you're stupid. I have no patience for bullshit. I'm too old for it. There are too many wishy washing things because too many people are blowing smoke out of their ass!

I love it when magazines say bad things about me. It makes me madder and I train harder and gain that much more!

CRITICAL BENCH: What has been your favorite bodybuilding moment so far?

Quincy Taylor: When I won the USA! Every show that I've ever won was a highlight for me. Once you win one, you want to win more. It's a damn HIGH! It's better than drugs! It's better than having 50 orgasms at once!!!!!!!!! We all want to win and there is nothing better in life than actually achieving it.

Quincy Taylor and Ben Tatar at the Arnold

CRITICAL BENCH: You have a very interesting mind. What are your tips for the beginner, intermediate and advanced bodybuilder?

Quincy Taylor: CONSISTENCY! Is the key to the sport and calmness and not allowing other things to interfere! You have to shut out a lot of things and a lot of people in your life to do this sport. There's nothing worse than a guy thinking he is the BEST guy in the world because he has muscles, be honest with yourself! We need to work on something. Sometimes it is emotional and you got to look at yourself and be objective. I learned to look at myself and be objective.

Don't make your main objective to get a contract. There are pros that don't get a contract. You have to be pretty like one of those GAY Abercrombie models to get a contract and most of those guys aren't that damn pretty! So it's racial in some ways. Life is racial, so deal with it and move on!

CRITICAL BENCH: Where do you stand on the use of steroids and supplements?

Quincy Taylor: THEY SHOULD BE LEGAL. Do what you want! When it comes teens then it's a no-no! Society doesn't make sense. They want men to be timid, soft mother f*ckers and then they want people to kill people in their wars! Like little prickle bushes go to the gym to go to Jurassic park! Bodybuilding is like a co-following, a small stick on the mountain! PRO football players are using tons of drugs! It's all a joke and when it comes to teenagers it's a whole different ball game. They want you to have tons of cash to afford it, and it's silly, pro bodybuilders how can you hide? Then someone is at your door and you can't really hide!

Steroids are a waste of tax dollars. Especially when we have guys blowing up buildings. It's just ridiculous... And they want to deal with steroids?!

Tell baseball to drop American sports back to the 1930s and the sales will drop! People want to see freaks and monsters! People want to see freaks and monsters!!

It doesn't matter what you take, how much you take, if you're not working hard or dieting all year, you're going to hurt yourself! People overshadow the hard work and the magazines piss me off because, they cut it off and talk about supplements! That's BS! Bodybuilding isn't about supplements, its A WHOLE LIFESTYLE. You have to put the years and the time in! There is no special diet, there is no special supplement!

Guys go up to me and say "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU TAKE?!?!" I'm like "Get the "HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!" You're not going to gain... I've been training with weights since I was 12! It requires lots of blood, sweat, tears, and anguish to make the body that I made! When you know that you don't ask dumb questions

CRITICAL BENCH: I love it! This is really awesome! Off the hook! You're someone who is willing to say what so many people think who don't have the guts to speak out. I wish you were the President of the United States! So, Quincy, what are your future goals?

Quincy Taylor: Right now I want to keep money in my pocket. I want to get some type of business going some type of fitness! Jaguars/ wont help you ass when your career is over… If you were a jerk, you will hear about it later. Currently I personal train people, I train a few clients in Texas.

CRITICAL BENCH: How do you see the future of bodybuilding?

Quincy Taylor: It looks really dark to me! The figures carry the show, not the bodybuilding! Like female figure is taking the show! It's not bodybuilding anymore. The bodybuilding is really dropped because of the talk about the damn drugs! No parent is going to want their kid to be a bodybuilder when there is no guaranteed money and in bodybuilding you're not guaranteed a thing!

We need someone who can get more people involved in the sport. We should have a reality show. Most people don't have a clue of what people do to live the life of a bodybuilding. It's not even remotely a bunch of drugs. To me the drugs are not even a part of whom or what I do.

Quincy Taylor Guest Posing

CRITICAL BENCH: What keeps you motivated to keep training hard year round?

Quincy Taylor: I've gone too a rabbits hole… I've gone sooo far that I'm not turning back now! I also love bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is not just who is the biggest on stage but your personality. It's your shape, your color, your depth! It should take place in the whole thing!!

CRITICAL BENCH: Quincy, in surveys my friends and other weight lifting writers voted you as the freakiest man at the 2007 Arnold Classic! What types of responses do you get from different types of people when they walk past such a giant man beast like you?

Quincy Taylor: They freak out! They don't know what to say! It's like a tidal wave walking through! Majority of males are intimidated as hell! I could pop their heads like a pimple! That's why I get the kids smile!

People say id be afraid to see you in a dark alley! I'm like "Why would I hurt you, I don't even know you." People tell me how big they want to be! Don't ask dumbass questions! Why would I want to give the tips away for free! People see this as a joke, it's a job!

The females snicker and giggle. Some like my muscles and some don't. Like some people like apples, some like grapes, all depends.

Then there are some people who appreciate all the hard work that I have done. They are the people I remember the most. The people who come up and the people who know my name and have something positive to say!!!

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your family, what do they think of your bodybuilding success and you being the biggest bodybuilder walking the face of this earth?

Quincy Taylor: My mom didn't really understand it. As time went on she learned to appreciate it. My kids love it, they like me being as big as I am and that is all that really matters! Anyone who really knows me is those that I care about.

CRITICAL BENCH: Quincy it has been great talking to you. Now that you have a family and all, would you like to see your kids ever get to be as big as you?

Quincy Taylor: My kids will be fit. I don't know if they will get into it. How big they get is up to them. I learned not to push them, let them figure out what they want to do. All I insist on is that they take care of themselves and be healthy.

CRITICAL BENCH: Best of luck with your career Quincy and thanks again for the interview. It wasn't easy chasing you down at the Arnold to get your contact info!


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