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May 18, 2024

Interview With Strongman Orri Geirsson
Interviewed By Ben Tatar - January 2009

Interview With Strongman Orri Geirsson

CRITICAL BENCH: Orri, great to have you here with Critical Bench. We have interviewed strength athletes across the world but never someone from Iceland. What is your height, weight and what are your greatest feats of strength in strongman competitions?

Interview With Strongman Orri Geirsson My height is 188 cm (6'2), weight is now 125 kg (275lbs). I´m doing good in dead lift-events, stone lifting, log-press and farmers walk.

CRITICAL BENCH: Orri are you famous in Iceland for being a strongman?

I´m pretty famous in Iceland...I guess...there aren't many strongman-guys in Iceland.

CRITICAL BENCH: Have you been on TV for being a strongman?

Yes I´ve been on TV, almost every weekend in the summertime for 3 years...on one of the "athlete" channels in Iceland."


Interview With Strongman Orri Geirsson

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your best lifts?

My best lift one time in dead lift is 340kg (750lbs) only with belt but I can take 300kg at least five reps anytime, no gear. I can bench-press 200kg (445lbs) one time, no gear. Incline bench-press best is 170kg 3x3. And squat 300kg only with belt and I have taken 160kg in log-press.

CRITICAL BENCH: What made you choose strongman over bodybuilding and power lifting?

I just think strongman is the ultimate sport for strength. Power lifting is just so few lifts in competition so I don´t bother to compete much. Also I don´t like the gear that power lifters use that can give them so much heavier lifts. I want to compete with no gear at all. Bodybuilding is in my opinion just for guys who like to watch themselves in the mirror...and I´m just not one of them.

Interview With Strongman Orri Geirsson CRITICAL BENCH: What are your 5 favorite things about being a strongman competitor?

  1. It´s Fun, hanging out with the guys competing

  2. I get to travel alot

  3. Free food, most of the time during competitions

  4. Little bit of fame from tv-shows

  5. I get some money if I do good...it´s nice to get money for your hobby

CRITICAL BENCH: Give us your strongman routine:

  • Mondays: Dead lift events, farmers, yoke

  • Tuesdays: Log-press, tire-flips, incline bench

  • Thursdays: Squads, front-squads and leg-press

  • Fridays: Military press, atlas-stones and throwing events

CRITICAL BENCH: What competitions have you competed in?

I have only competed in Iceland and I don´t know how to translate the names of the competions:

  • 3rd Austfjarđatrölliđ 2008 (East Coast Giant)

  • 4th Aflraunameistarinn 2008

  • 2nd Grundarfjarđartrölliđ 2008

  • 5th Vestfjarđarvíkingurinn 2008 (West Coast Giant)

  • 2nd Suđurlandströlliđ 2008

  • 3rd Sterkasti Mađur Íslands 2008 (Iceland Strongest Man)

  • 4th IFSA Sterkasti Mađur Íslands 2008 (IFSA - Iceland Strongest Man)

  • 2nd Suđurnesjatrölliđ 2007

  • 2nd Uppsveitarvíkingurinn 2007

  • 6th Sterkasti Mađur Íslands 2007 (Iceland Strongest Man)

  • 1st Grundarfjarđartrölliđ 2007

  • 2nd Suđurlandströlliđ 2007

  • 4th Hálandaleikarnir 2007

  • 2nd Suđurnesjatrölliđ 2006

  • 3rd Uppsveitavíkingurinn 2006

  • 4th Suđurlandströlliđ 2006

  • 6th Sterkasti Mađur Íslands 2006 (Iceland Strongest Man)

Interview With Strongman Orri Geirsson CRITICAL BENCH: What would you like to tell the future generation of strongman what to do when they train and what not to do?

Just be careful when you get started and try not to get injured but still train hard. It´s not always easy this sport...but don´t give up, keep on training and get stronger.

CRITICAL BENCH: Give us your most hardcore and your funniest strongman story?

Well, that was probably in one competition I had last summer, I was dead lifting on reps. When I was about to take my winning rep I fell on the advertising signs behind me (on my ass), not only once, but three times and didn't make the last rep. That sucked, but was funny at the same time. Also in that same competition I was lifting a Atlas-stone, on reps over a bar and I fell and dropped the 160 kg. stone on my leg. So I couldn't walk properly rest of the competition and my leg turned black.

CRITICAL BENCH: Away from strongman training what do you enjoy doing?

I love playing poker online and watching movies.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are the adversities that you had to overcome?

I broke a bone in my shoulder when I was competing in Iceland's Strongest Man 2007. It happened in the first event, but I stuck it out. After I was in a lot of pain for months and thought I would never get better. But I'm good now, so I was lucky.

Interview With Strongman Orri Geirsson CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future goals?

Dead lift at least 400 kg (882lbs)

CRITICAL BENCH: Orri, why should all men be strong?

I don't think all man should be strong. Only me :) hehehe

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your diet and what are your favorite supplements?

I eat everything, try to eat healthy, but that's so expensive so I just eat whatever I get my hands on. I like steak and ice cream the most, but let's not forget pizza.

Supplements: Creatine, Vitamins, Glutamine, Protein, Omega oils.

CRITICAL BENCH: What makes you different from everyone else?

I'm a strongman with a business degree and a certified stock broker, don't know many strongman who are like that.

CRITICAL BENCH: What makes you happy and what makes you tick?

My dog Krúbí and my girlfriend Rakel.

Orri and Rakel

CRITICAL BENCH: What goes through your head before attempting a big lift?

I don't think, just lift.

CRITICAL BENCH: What drives you to be the best?

I don't really know, just don't be the worst, is what I think. I think I'm going to have to rethink this attitude soon, hehe ....

CRITICAL BENCH: What are you going to remember most about your strength journey?

I'm not sure yet.

CRITICAL BENCH: Well Orri it has been fun and amazing getting the chance to interview a famous strongman in Iceland today. Thank you for sharing your story with us. In closing who would you like to thank?

I want to thank my "maker" Boris Haraldsson who showed me the way and helped me get started in strongman and let me train with him.

Interview With Strongman Orri Geirsson


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