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Interview With Fighter Nathan Quarry
by Ben Tatar

Nathan Quarry Nathan Quarry is one of the most marketable of all men on the planet. He is a very tough, stunning and powerful person! He is 33 years of age, with a body fat % that stays under 5% year round. He also fights for organizations that gets millions of viewers daily, and he is one of the most known fighters on all of the planet. He is even better known than the current Mr. Olympia. This man has done it all and has more big fights ahead! At Critical Bench we have interviewed pro broadcasters, strongmen, light weight freaks who out lift big powerlifters and now we have a man who can kick every one's ass in the world and anytime you see this man, you will be stronger and changed forever! Here at Critical Bench, we bring you another great wonder of the world, everyone let's welcome... NATHAN QUARRY!

1) CRITICAL BENCH: Nathan, you are a genetic freak of nature and one of the hardest workers in the world. What made you choose fighting as your journey through life?

Nathan Quarry: I first started after watching early UFCs. The guts and athleticism just amazed me and I had to be a part of it.

2) CRITICAL BENCH: You are one of the most vicious men in the world when you are fighting, what interesting experiences have you encountered in the professional world of fighting?

Nathan Quarry: Having one opponent trying to crawl out of the ring to get away from me. I had to pull him back in!

3) CRITICAL BENCH: In the end, when you are an old man and look back at all of your fights, what fights will you remember the most?

Nathan Quarry: Probably the ones where I got the least head trauma and still can remember fighting!

4) CRITICAL BENCH: Who was your toughest opponent ever so far?

Nathan Quarry: Probably Mike Whitehead. We had a brutal war that lasted for over a half an hour. The first round was 25 minutes then we had to come back out for a five minute overtime.

5) CRITICAL BENCH: What is your mental training like before a fight?

Nathan Quarry: Leading up to a fight I'm doing a lot of visualizing about possible scenarios and how it may go. In the ring, you just let it go. Thinking is too slow for fighting.

6) CRITICAL BENCH: Nathan, you have one of the best physiques in the UFC and perhaps in the world of sports. How exactly do you train?

Nathan Quarry: I have a new strength and conditioning coach, Mike Dolce, he is in my top 8 on myspace. He is amazing and takes me to the limits. Had the last fight gone on, I could've fought for 25 minutes no problem.

7) CRITICAL BENCH: What was your biggest blooper ever during training?

Nathan Quarry: Training with a friend of mine, instead of trying to pass his guard, I grabbed both his ankles and started spinning him around in a circle so he came completely off the ground. It was hilarious!

8) CRITICAL BENCH: Fighters are often very intelligent men, they often train to put their emotions on the line and see what they are made of as men. Tell me about the emotional experience that you go through in the game of fighting?

Nathan Quarry: Each win and each loss is such an emotional state it's hard to describe. Being totally awash with emotions. That's one of the best reasons to fight.

9) CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your family, do they support what you do and what it was like being raised with them?

Nathan Quarry: I love with a very unusual family. I am totally different than any of them, so we have a hard time relating.

10) CRITICAL BENCH: Oh, I see. So, Do you fight for a personal challenge mostly, or because you love to entertain and impress everybody else? Or both?

Nathan Quarry: Fighting for their beliefs is a much better cause than entertainment.

11) CRITICAL BENCH: What are your secrets to being such a great fighter?

Nathan Quarry: Tenacity is the key. And enjoy what you do, otherwise why do it? If training is a job, you won't enjoy it and your performance will suffer.

Nathan Quarry 12) CRITICAL BENCH: What is the best advice that a teacher has given you, and what is the worst advice a teacher has ever given you?

Nathan Quarry: One coach once told me that my true friends will stand behind me no matter what path my life takes. Win or lose. The worst advice I ever got was from a coach who had real issues with himself and couldn't stand to see his students outgrow him. He told me, and I quote, "You're no good and you never will be. So I just beat on you to toughen you up." That was the last time I ever trained with him. I very quickly went to Team Quest, www.tqfc.com, and went on to fight for the UFC middleweight title after 3 first round kos. So, don't blindly trust any coach, they can be wrong too. They're human just like the rest of us.

13) CRITICAL BENCH: yeah, sometimes the best advice is to becareful when taking advice and discover things for yourself. So, what mentors have worked well for you and what is your philosophy when it comes to learning as you progress as an experienced fighter?

Nathan Quarry: Really I just try to pick things up here and there. I realized a long time ago that all people have failings and flaws so if you idolize them you will only end up being disappointed. But when you can take a person and see what they do really well and learn from them, you'll never be let down.

14) CRITICAL BENCH: What are some of the things that are the most important to you in life outside of fighting?

Nathan Quarry: To enjoy life and be a good father.

15) CRITICAL BENCH: How do you see the future of full contact fighting?

Nathan Quarry! It's going to grow beyond boxing ever was.

CRITICAL BENCH: Mark Nathan's words, on that one! Nathan, it's been great taking the time to talk to you. Is there anything else you would like to tell the thousands of people reading your interview?

Nathan Quarry: Please go to www.nathanquarry.net and see the sponsors that have helped me achieve my goals. And too, I'm always looking for new sponsors, good companies that I can stand behind. ( I will even personally make you my guest for team quest camps and fly out with me).Thank you for all your support!




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