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Landon ShowalterInterview With Fighter Landon Showalter
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

Full contact fighters are the toughest and the most badass of all athletes in sports! And one of the toughest fighters in the Octagon, the Cage, and the ring of today, stands a man by the name of Landon Showalter. Landon has overcome all types of adversities, such as having a rough up bringing, a serious divorce.however, it has made him stronger. Now, he puts his heart and soul on the line every single time he trains, everytime he fights and he strives for goals thought to be unreachable! Landon, strives to be the world's most dangerous man in the world of fighting. Critical Bench finds some amazing athletes. Sometimes men who are larger than life itself, sometimes stronger than life itself, and in this case, we bring you a man who is tougher than life itself. Critical Bench brings you, Landon Showalter! Let's see what this fighting freak of nature has to say!

1) Critical Bench: Landon, Welcome to www.criticalbench.com ! It's a pleasure to have you with us. Tell us, when did you realize that you wanted to be a full contact fighter?

Landon: Well when I was a kid I always watched Bruce Lee and I was totally impressed. That's how I became interested in martial arts in the first place. I tried some traditional taekwondo when I was young and really didn't think it was all that. I always wanted to compete but point sparring was really not that fulfilling. I then gave up on Taekwondo.

So, I went off for awhile and started a family, and got married, a little too young. I was going through a divorce and I wanted a way to get rid of my frustrations, so I called Charlie Pearson. He told me about Pankration training and invited me to his gym to try it out and I was then addicted from the very first day!

2) Critical Bench: Landon, I hear you now run a gym. Tell us about the gym that you run!

Landon: I run a mixed Martial arts gym in Arlington Washington. I teach Kickboxing, Thai Style Kickboxing, Boxing, Pankration( UFC style) , Fitness and Kids classes.

My goal is to help everyone reach their personal goals. I have learned that not everyone wants to be a fighter and that is totally ok. I teach everyone from Beginner to the Professional fighter. I also Teach people who just want to get in shape. I don't want to talk down about traditional martial arts, but what I teach is the real deal. What I teach has been proven in cages, rings, and on the streets all over the world over and over again. You can't throw a spinning kick or punch on the ground !!! If you do and ground fight, you can't fight ! I do private lesson for the people who aren't comfortable in a class setting or for people who just want one on one training for whatever reasons one might have. If you want more info, visit: www.ArlingtonKickboxingAcademy.com And if you want to be trained, call: (360) 435-8814.

3) Critical Bench: Landon, can you give us all a private online fighting lesson? what are your 5 tips of advice, so Critical Bench readers aren't only strong, but also know how to fight?

Landon: Landon " The Show " Showalter's 5 tips to success in or out of the ring or cage!

1) Always Keep your hands up!
2) Never turn your back on anyone.
3) Always stay calm !
4) Throw combos and not just 1 punch or kick at a time!
5) Be confident but not cocky!! Anyone can't get caught in a fight!!!
6) Always keep an open mind!!

For more details, visit me at my gym or please call 360-435-8814

ultimate fighting championship 4) Critical Bench: Thanks for the tips. So, Landon, you have had great success as a fighter. What was the craziest thing that you have ever experienced in a fight?

Landon: I guess It would have to be when I fought Matt The Law Linland @ sport fight 8 right after he illegally spiked me in the mouth and shoved my 2 teeth through my lip! I saved up all the blood in my mouth and when he looked at me I spit in his face for illegally spiking me!!!

5) Critical Bench: Wow, that is one of sickest+ most entertaining stories in interview history!! Well, we are curious to know about what fights you will remember the most?

Landon: I Fought Drew Fickett @ a AFC show and it was suppose to be a warm up fight before he entered the UFC! Well, I triangle choked him in the first 3 minutes of round 1!

6) Critical Bench: You have fought some of the best fighters in the world and beat them too! Who would you say your toughest opponent ever was?

Landon: Well good ? I have fought a lot of great fighters, but the toughest would have to be Chris Leben. I lost a close decision. I broke his nose, blackened both of his eyes and cracked his cheek bone ,and he didn't ever stop!! This was an absolute War!!!

Landon Showalter 7) Critical Bench: How do you train before a fight and what's your diet like?

Landon: Before a fight I do a lot of circuit training and high rep training to increase my stamina.

For my diet I cut weight so I cut my calories way down and right before I weigh in I cut all my carbs and water then I carb load after I make weight. I run in the morning, then I circuit train in the mid morning, and I kickbox and do Pankration in the evening.

8) Critical Bench: What was the coolest thing that you ever did while you were training and practicing to becoming a better fighter?

Landon: I Broke Renos Ribs!! lol and I did a flying scissor take down and snapped kid Nate's ankle, lol.

9) Critical Bench: What was your all time worse moment ever in full contact fighting?

Landon: Well I fought Dennis Hallman and I got choked out in the first round ! It was hard cause I really didn't loose to him, I tapped out of frustration and I know I should have fought it, a lot harder than I did! I do believe I should have won that fight! So that was a bit hard to deal with. I WILL NEVER TAP TO A CHOKE AGAIN, I WILL PASS OUT FIRST!!!

10) Critical Bench: Who do you think is the best fighter that ever lived?

Landon: Me ! Not cause I'm the best but because of what I fight for!

full contact fighting 11) Critical Bench: What is the best advice that you were ever told and what are your words of wisdom for anyone who wants to be the best fighter in the world or the best at anything in the world?

Landon: Extreme work, gets extreme results.

And never give up no matter what anyone tells you!! Always believe in yourself!! You are a winner!!

12) Critical Bench: What was your childhood like? I heard that you have had to face many adversities?

My family was a broken one. I lived with my mother and sister and my father left me when I was young. I had a bit of a rough upbringing but it was what made me who I am now! It lead me to wanting to Fight In the UFC, building my own gym and now I want to be the best dad in the world on top of that!

13) Critical Bench: You have been a major part of the history of full contact fighting. What do you think the future of full contact fighting will be like?

Landon: It is the sport of the future and it is the real deal. No works, no b.s. just 2 warriors fighting for pride!! To see who is the best and who is the real shit!

14) Critical Bench: Landon, your life has been a true story of inspiration, entertainment and blood+ guts! It's been an honor to welcome you to www.criticalbench.com and go down in the CB hall of fame of athletes. Is there anything else that you would like to say?

Landon: Special thanks to Charlie Pearson for every thing he has done for me, he is truly my hero and brother and thanks to all of my friends who have supported me and all of my family. Thanks to my Students at Arlington Kickboxing Academy and Charlies Combat Club and of course all the fans of the best sport in the world you all kick ass! thanks for the interview !!! Landon " The Show " Showalter!




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