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Interview With Mixed Martial Artist Joe Lira
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

Get ready for the most interesting and badass interview ever, as Critical Bench brings you the one, the only, JOE LIRA!!.....

1) CRITICAL BENCH: Give us a short biography about what got you started into fighting?

Well when i was younger i started to do boxing with pro boxer eric hernadez and his brother and trainer carlos hernadez. they are good people, and I started watching the UFC when it first came to PPV. During this time, I was younger, and there was always some good fight in me for sure.. So, I started watching a few of my boy's fight and i went to go watch and support them and one of my training partners lost his EFC light weight belt that night to a tough fighter. And after that i went up to the promoter and I told him that I wanted to fight four month laters. After that, I was in there throwing hooks.

2) CRITICAL BENCH: What was your most painful moment ever in a fight?

Haha well probably when i got put in a wicked ass knee bar! i will always try to fight my way out of things and i did, but damn!..... this dude threw this thing on deep. I thought my leg was like a wet noodle when i saw the footage on it. hahaha--Good times!

Joe Lira 3) CRITICAL BENCH: Wow, what fight will you remember the most?

When i fought a dude named Robert "Dead By Dawn" Davis. He is a tough dude for sure! I mean he kicked me in my head hard....you can't forget that shit! Then there was like 9,000 people in attendance on top of that, it was sick.

4) CRITICAL BENCH: It sounds like you have been in some wars. Out of all of the fights you have been in, Who was your toughest opponent ever?

Robert "Dead By Dawn" Davis like i said before he is tough. He kicked me in the head, took my back and tried choking me, went for some arm bars. He was good for sure. He is a great guy, a good sport.

5) CRITICAL BENCH: I don't think we have felt as much physical pain in our lives as we are feeling in your interview, WOW, haha! So, you have to be freakin tough knowing that this can happen. What is your mental game like?

My mental training is just not doubting my self at all. I go in there knowing i'am going to win! And so far i have! II try to take it as being fun too! if i wasn't having fun then i wouldn't want to do it. But i love this shit! And about the only thing going threw my head is winning this fight,controlling my breathing,and eating afterwards (haha).

6) CRITICAL BENCH: haha- Tell us about your weight training routine, diet and cardio before a fight? You have to use the weights to discipline you and prepare you for the war zone of full contact fighting!

Man my weight training routine is good... i feel super strong for my weight class! One of my training partners Jeremiah "the secret weapon" navarro pushes me every day! Having a partner like him is good, he doesn't let you take it easy. I try to eat healthy and a lot because my metabolism is high!. My cardio.... man o man that is a big thing for me, i never want to be tired during a fight, so i'am always up on my cardio. I train for a fight with lots of sparring and we are always cracking eachother in the head. I do a lot of sprints,wrestling,kickboxing all that good fighting stuff.

7) CRITICAL BENCH: What was the coolest thing that you ever did while you were training?

Joe Lira Beside's hitting training partners and getting hit by my partners.. damn i don't know.

8) CRITICAL BENCH: What has been your most powerful and emotional moment to date?

For sure when my wife gave birth to my kids. Wow that is a crazy thing and exciting for sure! After that wining my first mma match knowing all the hard work and training paid off!

9) CRITICAL BENCH: This interview has been real, you must have been raised by an awesome family, since you are, so tell us about them!

Man my family is awesome... they are all so supportive. My cousin larry harmon is my manager always taking care of me. my wife and kids are super cool with letting me take all the time to train. My little one's are training too, so it's cool watching them work there moves. I couldn't do it with out my family and friends.

10) CRITICAL BENCH: who do you think is the greatest fighter that ever lived?

One word: Jesus

11) CRITICAL BENCH: What's your advice for all the fighters out there?

I think to be good at all aspects of the fight game for sure. Dont go in there thinking your going to submit everybody cause there is always someone better than you. So knock him out instead!

12) CRITICAL BENCH: That's powerful advice-What is the best advice that a teacher has given you, and what is the worse advice a teacher has ever given you?

If your talking about school man.... i didn't go that much, to find out what they had to say. Bad on my part.

13) CRITICAL BENCH: How do you see the future of full contact fighting?

It's going to blow up for sure! it's huge Now! i thing more and more people are learning about it everyday. We need to know that it is a sport not some crazy cock fight (haha). I think the money will get better too. I hear Don King is getting involved with mma. That's crazy stupid.

CRITICAL BENCH: Joe Lira, it's been a great honoring interview you! Tell us about your sponsors and who you'd like to thank?

Man that they should go check out my wonderful sponsors who support me so much.


Thanks for everyone supporting the sport and me! big thanks to my manager larry harmon all of team sacrifice, my training partners jeremiah navarro,gerald perkins,sam peterson,jay rominger,Gabe rivas.and last but not least all my family and friends!!! Watch out for me in the future big things baby for sheezy!




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