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Interview With Jeremiah Navarro
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

1) CRITICAL BENCH: How did you get started in full contact fighting?

Navarro: It all began with me and my training partner just boxing each other. I've been boxing since I was a kid. Then we decided to start grappling and I picked it up fast. Finally I decided to sign up for an event and that is how it all started.

2) CRITICAL BENCH: What part of fighting do you think is the most stressful? Do you find that the actual fight is harder to deal with or the anticipation before the fight is the toughest part?

Navarro: Anticipation of the fight to come is probably the most stressful part of it all. I just have to stay focused on training for the fight. Going over situations in your head thousands of times. When fighting everything seems like a tunnel and I'm just focused on my opponent.

3) CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your workout routine before a fight? Do you do a strength routine with low reps and lots of rest, or higher reps without much rest between sets? How well do you eat and tell us about the intense cardio that you do before a big fight?

Navarro: we train for strength most of the time, but a few weeks before the fight we do higher reps and less rest between sets. I eat a lot of cold cut sandwiches, meats, and no fast foods, just healthy stuff. For cardio, I run mountains! Since I live in the high elevation, it definitely has its advantage. I do lots of live fighting round robins. We train with a lot of intensity, you are going to fight like you train.

4) CRITICAL BENCH: Some families are very supportive of what their kids do, other families have a plan in mind of what their kids should be before they are born and even discriminate against their kids for certain choices that they make. Fighting, is definitely controversial. Does your family support what you do or do they think you are a fool for being a fighter?

Navarro: My family is the greatest ever because no matter what they always support me 100% of anything I do. They always taught me the great value of being responsible for my actions. That everything that you want in life you are have to earn it.

Jeremiah Navarro 5) CRITICAL BENCH: what would you like to tell the beginner who wants to be the next World's Best?

Navarro: Strive for what you believe in and never give into what other people say. Do it for yourself and never give up!!

6) CRITICAL BENCH: What is the best advice that a teacher has given you, and what is the worse advice a teacher has ever given you?

Navarro: To fight your fight don't listen to what other people say on how you should fight. Fight with the strengths that you have. Let me make you pass out because it feels good! HaHa

7) CRITICAL BENCH: How do you see your future in the sport and in life?

Navarro: To be a great father and to take my fighting career as far as possible in me being on the top!

Jeremiah Navarro 8) CRITICAL BENCH: You have came a long way. So, Who is your mentor and who has inspired you to get to the top?

Navarro: Jesus for what he went though for us. To go through with all that and still have faith is just amazing. That's what drives me to never give up. To train harder each time because if he could go through that than I can stand a little of pain compared to that of his pain he had to go through.

9) CRITICAL BENCH: You have been through a lot in a fight. So my question is, what was the most pain that you have ever felt in a fight?

Navarro: getting kneed in the nuts

Jeremiah Navarro 10) CRITICAL BENCH: What fights will you remember the most and which opponent has been the toughest and why?

Navarro: My most memorable fight would be my last fight when I knocked my opponent out in1:25 in the first round. And making him bleeding everywhere. My toughest opponent would be Brandon Roberts. He's a really good submission guy and I had to keep it standing and bang with him to win the fight.

CRITICAL BENCH: Well, congratulations being as successful as you have and we at critical bench wish you the best in the future. How do you see the future of fighting?

Navarro: Exploding!!!!!!




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