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Interview With UFC Great Jeff "The Snowman" Monson
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - May 2008

Interview With UFC Great Jeff The Snowman Monson

Jeff Monson is a well known UFC fighter. He has demolished his opponents one by one and he has even appeared in UFC main event cards.

CRITICAL BENCH: It's Ben Tatar from Critical Bench and today I am here with UFC great, Jeff Monson! Jeff, we all know you are a top notch UFC fighter, but give us a quick introduction about yourself!

Jeff Monson: My name is Jeff Monson. I am 37 yrs old and from Olympia, WA. My height is 5ft 9inches and I weigh 245lbs.

CRITICAL BENCH: When did you get started in the MMA?

Jeff Monson: I got started in 1998 when I moved back to Olympia after getting my masters in psychology from Minnesota, Duluth. I was a mental health professional in Olympia and worked as well doing private counseling for kids and families. I started at AMC with Matt Hume.

CRITICAL BENCH: That is an interesting transition. You were a mental health professional and then a full contact fighting professional, very interesting combination! Jeff tell us about your fighting philosophy!

Jeff Monson: I try to remain calm and true to my strengths during preparation and the fight itself

Interview With UFC Great Jeff The Snowman Monson

CRITICAL BENCH: So far in a fight, what has been your funniest moment?

Jeff Monson: Crapping my shorts in a fight, although it wasn't that funny at the moment.

CRITICAL BENCH: hahahaha! That could be another fighting weapon, lol! Jeff, what has been your best UFC moments?

Jeff Monson: My best moments are submissions usually with some kind of choke

CRITICAL BENCH: Jeff, have there been any moments in your fighting career that have really changed you? What moment has changed you the most?

Jeff Monson: Losing to Ricco Rodriguez made my realize I wasn't as good as I thought. I needed to get with a team and American top team made that reality for me.

CRITICAL BENCH: A lot of people would like to be more hardcore and gutsy like you. What is your advice for the sissies of the world and how to make fearful people brave?

Jeff Monson: There comes times in everyone's life where they need to make a decision to be more than they think they can. You have to take and cherish these moments as they will change your life forever.

CRITICAL BENCH: That is powerful! Jeff, tell us about some of the things you have done in fighting that you are proud of!

Jeff Monson: I train and fight to win. I am never satisfied with my performance regardless of the outcome. I always want to be better.

CRITICAL BENCH: Very interesting perspective! The perspective to be the BEST! Jeff, tell us about your workout routine, diet, and supplements? How do you train to be a fighter?

Interview With Jeff Monson Jeff Monson: I lift and run hills for conditioning. I do a lot of grappling and boxing. I avoid sugar and processed foods. For supplements I take cod liver oil and whey protein.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are the best and worst things about being a fighter?

Jeff Monson: I get to do what I love to do. I am able to travel and meet a lot of people. However, I am always in physical pain and can't do activities I enjoy sometimes.

CRITICAL BENCH: Jeff, how much do you bench press?

Jeff Monson: I have no idea anymore, as I can't really flat bench with a straight bar due to my shoulder. I do dumbbells quite heavy though.

CRITICAL BENCH: Jeff, what is the best advice you were ever told and what was the worst?

Jeff Monson: Learn how to box was the best. The worst I think was to take juice when I was young.

CRITICAL BENCH: What injuries have you had to experience before and what adversities have you had to overcome? How did you make it through them and what is your advice for anyone going through a physical or emotional traumatic event right now?

Jeff Monson: I've both biceps completely torn and surgeries to repair them. I've had a knee surgery and get cortisone shots in my shoulder and hip periodically. Everything has costs, you need to decide for yourself what matters to you and follow through with achieving your best results despite the adversities. It's the key to happiness for me.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future goals?

Jeff Monson: To win the world grappling title again and have a shot at the UFC title once more.

CRITICAL BENCH: It would be great to see Jeff Monson versus Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira or whoever the UFC champ is at the time for the UFC world heavy weight championship! Jeff, how do you see the future of MMA?

Jeff Monson: It is getting huge now. People see it as a legitimate sport now. As long as it stays clear of the corruption that has plagued boxing, then the sky is the limit.

CRITICAL BENCH: If you could fight at Wrestle Mania and challenge 3 people, in a full contact fight who would you choose and why?

Jeff Monson: McCain, Obama, and Hillary Clinton because hopefully the people would realize we can do just fine without anyone in charge of us.

CRITICAL BENCH: That would be the biggest Wrestle Mania ever!! Jeff Monson taking out the political system what a change in time it would be!! Jeff can you tell us what the tattoos on your body mean?

Jeff Monson: The Tattoos on my body are anarchy symbols. We need real freedom and don't need anyone in charge of us.

CRITICAL BENCH: Jeff, away from fighting what do you enjoy doing?

Interview With UFC Great Jeff The Snowman Monson Jeff Monson: Spending time with my kids, traveling, and speaking out against injustice.

CRITICAL BENCH: Do you have any sponsors? Tell us about them!

Jeff Monson: onthemat, headblade, dahui, scrapwear, gameness. All these sponsors have been good to me and I personally know the guys running the company.

CRITICAL BENCH: What does your family think about you fighting?

Jeff Monson: Supporting me with it. My kids hate it because they know it means I am away from them training. Their friends take more of an interest in my career than they do but I don't mind it that way.

CRITICAL BENCH: What is your advice for someone who would like to be a fighter?

Jeff Monson: Have a background in some martial art or wrestling before diving headfirst into mma. You see a lot of young guys who want to fight right away but they don't have a background in any one discipline and when they reach a higher level it becomes difficult to compete.

CRITICAL BENCH: Jeff, when your fighting career is all said and done how you do want to be remembered?

Jeff Monson: A champion.

CRITICAL BENCH: Jeff, you keep getting closer to how you want to be remembered. How have you changed in the last 5 years as a fighter?

Jeff Monson: I have focused on improving my weaknesses and faced the truth I needed to do this to become as good as I could.

CRITICAL BENCH: What makes Jeff different from everyone else?

Jeff Monson: We are all different and that is a good thing. I embrace people's differences. I don't think I am better than anyone else.

CRITICAL BENCH: Great answer. When you don't think you are better or worse than anyone, is one of the big keys to BALANCE. Jeff, do you have a message to everyone out there?

Jeff Monson: To those who aren't afraid to be heard; they give my inspiration

CRITICAL BENCH: Jeff, it has been great talking to you today. It has been fun watching you destroy your opponents out there and making an impact on the sport of fighting. Jeff, here at Critical Bench we wish you the best with everything you do!

Jeff Monson: Thank you and I appreciate the support.

Jeff Monson vs. Bruno Paulista - 2007 No-Gi World Championships




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