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June 10, 2023
Interview With Bodybuilder Jason Dayberry
by Ben Tatar, Criticalbench.com

1) Can you give us some background about yourself?

Dayberry Well, I am 27 years old, happily married to Samantha, and I have my first child on the way. Things are looking good for me right now. As for my background, born and raised in Baltimore , MD. I have two loving parents and a younger sister (Jess) and brother (Matt). Raised in a non-denominational church (Jesus freaks) and thank Jesus for every moment of my life. I played all the pee wee sports (hockey, football, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer). After high school I played a year of college football and lost my drive. I always liked training with weights, but never truly jumped into it until fall of 1996. I have lived the lifestyle ever since.

2) What got you started in bodybuilding?

It does go a bit further back than college. In 8th grade my dad bought a weider weight bench for the both of us. That was a fun thing to do with dad. When I got to high school they made us lift for football. I had no problem with that. I loved getting stronger and at that age you see such dramatic and instant results. Then at age 16 my parents bought me a gym membership. Best gift ever! There I just lifted to get bigger. No real goals set then it was all just for fun. Of course at that age I was more concerned with parties and girls to stay dedicated. Then when I got to college I joined the barbell club and it took off from there.

3) What is it about bodybuilding that you love so much?

The battle. The battle you face every workout. Some say it's between you and the weights, but I think it's a battle against yourself. It's seeing how far you can push yourself each time. The pump, the pain, the testosterone! I love turning into a freakin' animal. The contests are just a way to show how hard you have been working. It's amazing how aggressive people in the gym are usually the nicest people outside.

4) What adversities have you had to overcome?

Outside of all the strains and sprains God has let my muscles stay attached to the bones. Two years ago I had a partially torn Pec. And the general aches and pains that I'm sure everyone gets. I had one setback that was before hardcore training. 11th grade Football season I ruptured my kidney. That set me back about 20 lbs.

5) What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?

Favorite –

For pain (pump) – leg extensions, DB laterals, and bar curls

For ego – Deads and Bench

Least – any ab work

6) What has been your favorite bodybuilding moment so far?

In 2000 I won the Overall at the Silver Cup Natural.

Since then I have been pleased with my gradual move up the ladder.

7) What are your tips for the beginner, intermediate and advanced bodybuilder?

Beginners and Intermediates –

1. Rest more (5-7 days between sessions)

2. Keep a food journal

3. Take care of your knees or just listen to your body. If you need rest then rest. It's better than tearing something and being out for months.

4. Intensity!

5. Learn from the bigger guys around you (after they are done training).

6. Be open minded

Advanced – If you are advanced you don't need my help. Throw some ideas my way.

8) Where do you stand on the use of steroids and supplements?

Supplements- I feel there are so many gimmicks out there that trap young trainers. I was one of them. I say save your money for Protein, Vitamins, and Caffeine.

Steroids – If your gonna use them have the decency to stay out of the natural contests. I hate people that do that.

Jay Dayberry 9) What are your future goals?

I would like to earn my pro card within the next few years. I also would like to start making some real money from Bodybuilding (sponsors/contests/etc…). If the pro card never comes I would like to throw my hat in the strongman arena. I did a strongman with my brother in law last year and really enjoyed myself.

10) You appeared on WWE tough Enough, you could have become a WWE wrestler? How was the experience and now that it's a few years later, do you have any regrets of leaving the contest?

Yeah, that was some experience. That was probably the most pain and fatigue I have ever been in. Can somebody say OVERTRAINING! I don't regret doing the show or leaving. Maybe if I was in a different stage in life I may have stayed. I had just found Samantha and was thinking about more important things (well, to me they are important). I want a family and I don't want to be a dad that's on the road 6 days out of the week. I am very happy with the decision I made and I do not regret it.

11. What is the toughest part about bodybuilding for you?

-The lack of funds when you are climbing your way up the ladder.


-Letting myself eat "bad" in the off-season.

12. Can you tell us a bit about your on season, off season, diet, lifting and cardio routine?

Off season –

I still write everything down. My wife yells at me for that. I get 6-7 meals in a day and it's pretty much the same foods. After a contest I try not to jump right back into the massive amount of calories. I guess I want to keep the cuts I worked hard for. Yesterday's food intake was as follows: Calories – 4575, Fat- 49, Carbs- 564, Pro- 490. I try to hit the 500 mark for carbs and protein everyday.

My training is pretty much the same year round. I get 5-7 days of rest between body parts. It all depends on how rested I feel and scheduling. I usually keep a training split for a few months and then switch it up out of boredom. I just started a new split that separates legs and arms.

1- Delts/Abs

2- Quads/Calves

3- Back/rear delts

4- Chest/Tri

5- Bi/ Hams

Take off every Tuesday for night class and on Saturday if I need to.

I used to think that the off-season was only for training super heavy and low reps. I have found that that just keeps leading to injuries. I have been working higher volume this year and getting good results. I just hope I can add 10 more lbs by the last week of July.

Contest prep-

Training is the same as before. I add cardio to help burn off fat because I hate taking my calories too low. I usually jump right into things on day one. I find my BMR and my current calories and find a nice mid-point. I cut carbs the whole way. I start with just 45 minute am cardio sessions (before breakfast) 5 days a week. Then I adjust the cardio and diet to how I progress each week in relation to my BF%. When you write everything down year round it is very easy to jump right in. Last year I had to move my training to every 7-8 days due to fatigue from cardio.

This year I'm thinking of taking a big personal step and letting my wife's nutritionist, Todd Swinney, do my diet work.

For more in depth info visit my site at www.jasondayberry.com

13. What keeps you motivated?

Some deep inner drive. If you are not intrinsically motivated than why are you doing it?


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