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April 13, 2024
Powerlifter JT Hall Interview
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

J.T. Hall is the N.A.SA. KY powerlifting chairman. He is one of the strongest pound for pound benchers in the World and Hall is like the great Mike MacDonald of the new era! He has competed in some of the most prestigious shows like Bench America. Let's see what this strength icon had to say!

BT: J.T. Can you tell us about yourself?

JT: I'm the N.A.S.A. KY Powerlifting Chairman and live in Lexington,Ky. My web site:
http://www.geocities.com/nasakentuckystatechairman/NASA.html I have an A.A. & B.S. in Biology from the U. of Ky. I work @ U. of KY K.T.R.D.C.(research lab) and work as personal trainer @ Lexington Athletic Club. I am the #1 Drug-free Bench pressers in Kentucky. I compete in the Bench press, curl & strongman competition. I sell my own drug-free bench press video/DVD. I'm a member of the Omega Force and Solid Rock Christian Strength Team. I only use I.A.D. equipment because it's the best in the world! Check out the I.A.D. web site: http://www.inzernet.com/

JT Hall BT: What are your best lifts and future goals..

JT: My best raw competition bench press is 452 and my best bench press with single-ply denims 523 @ bodyweight of 215. I attempted 560 @ July 12 NASA Bluegrass Open Championship, but the shirt split @ the bottom. My future goal is to bench press a drug-free 600lbs @ body weight of 215 by 2005 using only I.A.D. equipment.

BT: Being one of the strongest benchers in the world, what routine has worked for you?

JT: The key routine is variation because you are always doing something different in the gym and it's fun too. If a lifter does the same routine everyday for months, he might reach a plateau. So, adding variation into your routine can help you to continue to make strength gains in your benchpress. Another important factor is mental/spiritual training. A lifter should always visualize what he is going to do in the gym before he gets there. The bible says" Greater is he is in yourself, than in the outerworld". Your spirit is the ultimate strength and lifters must use it!

Bench Press Champ J.T. Hall BT: Give us a bench routine that will make us stronger.

JT: My Bench program follows:


1st week: bench press
2nd week: 5-Board press
3rd week: bench press
4th week: 5-board press
5th week: bench press
6th week: Floor press
7th week: bench press
8th week: Floor press

BT: Impressive- Along with that routine what do you eat?

JT: A lifter should take a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, creatine, whey protein, joint supplement, drink a lot of H20 and milk. Eat a lot of good meat source, such as baked chicken or fish. I like to eat rice or pasta with my chicken.

BT: What motivates you to be the best? What is your bench press message?

JT: I want to show every powerlifter in the world that you can bench press 600lbs without steroids. Also, that you don't need triple-ply or superman bench shirt to bench 600lbs.

BT: How has powerlifting made you a better man?

JT: Powerlifting hasn't made me a better man it has only allowed me to lift more. I am a better man from Jesus Christ.

BT: What would you like to see change in powerlifting?

JT: Records should be broken with the same standards. If a lifter bench press 700lbs in a single-ply equipment with strict standards, then another lifter can not break his record or take his ranking with a triple-ply bench shirt with no strict standards. Their should be 2 sets all-time records & ranking. One with drug-tested-regular/normal standards and another with non- tested unnormal standards. I wish powerlifting magazines were not bias. Certain federations always get their results quicker in the magazine or on the cover of the magazines. Every major/sanctioned federation should be treated equal and get equal coverage in the magazines. Gyms need more powerlifting equipment instead of bodybuilding equipment. If an elite powerlifter is endorsing a product or selling a routine, he should tell them that he is taken steroids too. Don't lie about your true strength gains! The truth shall set you free.

J.T. Hall BT: How do you feel about drug testing?

JT: It's an extremely important because you don't want lifters to have an unfair advantage over other lifters. So, I believe all lifters should be drug-tested in drug-free federations.

BT: What is more important being a champion from within or winning the most titles?

JT: A title doesn't make you a true champion. A true champion is always looking to make Power lifting a better sport, always looking to give back to Power lifting and always looking to help his fellow lifter.

BT: Do you believe in combing bodybuilding and powerlifting- Do you feel they are much the same or very different?

JT: Powerlifting & Bodybuilding are two different sports. Powerlifting focus mainly on power,strength, technique. Bodybuilding focus mainly on size,mass & definition. I do believe Powerlifters can benefit from implementing bodybuilding routines into their own training.

BT: What was your favorite bench press experience to date?

JT: When I bench press 500lbs for the first time @ 2002 July NASA BLUEGRASS OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP @ Henderson,Ky. I jumped off the bench press & took off running. I almost ran through the wall. My wife thought I was going to eat the wall for dinner.

BT: Your favorite bench press assistance exercise is?

JT: My favorite is Pause 5-Board press with & without Bands, Pause Floor press & Heavy Weighted dumbbell dips

BT: what do you think are the biggest mistake beginners make?

JT: 1). Beginners want microwave or overnight results. 2). Don't learn proper technique/form of the bench press. 3). Don't read enough book/material about increasing strength. 4) Increase recuperation can lead to increase strength & size. 5) Trying to learn drug-free routines from steroid lifters.

One of the most important factors for a bigger bench is time. It takes time to get a big bench press. It took me several years to get a good drug- free bench press. Another factor is developing the right program/routine that works for you because everybody body is genetic different. Their are several programs on the market, but you must find what works for you.

BT: J.T. you have a lot of training knowledge so lifters can contact you for assistance questions. As we wrap up this interview, what would you like to say?

JT: If you have to take a pill for bench press strength, then what are you going to do without it. Nothing beats training hard, but smart in the gym for drug-free powerlifters. Also, increase your muscle strength, joints, ligament and tendons without the bench press shirt. Don't use a bench press shirt to increase your strength because you are setting yourself up for major injuries. If powerlifters are looking for a great federation that believes in real powerlifting check out www.nasa-sports.com or http://members5.boardhost.com/realpower/

God Bless,



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