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June 23, 2024
Interview with Strongman Heinz Ollesch
by Ben Tatar

Heinz Ollesch Heinz Ollesch, is on the ESPN's World's Strongest Man contest. He's doing the farmers walk with 300lbs in each hand. To understand how strong this is pick up 150lbs dumbbells and start walking around with them. Now imagine holding twice that amount of weight in each hand, Heinz does. Not only that he is pulling trucks and he is inspiring audience's nation wide on ESPN with the unbelievable feats of strength that he is constantly displaying. He would beat the strongest man from America and he is one of the best strongman competitor's in the world today. Who knows, watch out for him, he might be the next World's strongest man, and if not he is going to put up a battle that the other strongman contestants will never forget. Let's meet ESPN's World's strongest man competitor Heinz Ollsech.

Heinz, give Critical Bench an introduction to yourself.

My name is Heinz Ollesch, I was born in 1966 and I have been lifting weights since I was seventeen. My first World strongest Man contest was in 1994. I have been doing strongman professionally since 1999.

How did it all begin? What motivated you to be a strongman competitor?

I started with Bodybuilding, and did the Bavarian Sport Stonelifting, and then I tried Powerlifting. I won the German juniors in 1989, 1991 which was my first Strongman contest called "the strongest man of Bavaria". I only wanted to watch but the organizer forced me to compete and I came in 3rd place. In 1994, my 4th strongman contest, I met Manfred H÷berl and he invited me to come to a qualifier for Europe's strongest man. In Europe 's strongest man, only the best guys can compete in that contest, so I competed and won the German qualifier and I came in 4th place in Europe 's world's strongest man competition. Then one contest followed the other, till today.

What was the craziest thing that you have ever experienced in a strongman contest?

There are many crazy things, but the craziest is when I was competing in Scotland in the rain and I had no warm ups. That was very crazy.

Which strongman competitions will you remember the most and why?

It was 1995 strongest man on earth in Iceland, it was the first time I did beat Magnus ver Magnusson, we where equal in points, he was world strongest man at the time, and in the same contest I started to know my girlfriend Bryndis.

Heinz Ollesch Wow, beating Mangus Ver Mangusson and meeting your girlfriend is an excellent accomplishment. What is your favourite strongman event and least favourite strongman event?

My Favorite events are, the truck pull, log lift, and yoke. My least favourite is the Hercules hold.

What has been your favorite strongman moment?

My favorite moment was the first world strongest man contest in South Africa, everything was so new and I did compete against the athletes, who I only knew from TV.

Explain your mental training before a contest.

I am very focused in what I am doing, no special training, it comes with the years.

How do you train, tell us about your training routine and what do you eat?

It's hard to tell my trainings routine, because there is none. I split my body in 4 groups and train 3 times a week that means every muscle group every 8 th-9th day. When I do my basic training, after I do all the events it depends how I feel.

My Diet is high in protein, low in carbs, and medium fat.

Do you have any funny stories that you would like to share?

Its always fun being together with strong man.


What's your advice for the beginner who wants to be the next World's Strongest man?

Don't do it because of money.

What are the adversities that you had to overcome?

I've had many injuries, especially when I was very strong.

In order what are the 5 most important factors to becoming the World's strongest man?

Genetics, a lot of will, patience, a good trainer, and most importantly having a girlfriend or wife who gives you all support you need.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the Critical Bench fans reading your interview?

If you want do the strongman sport, do it with your heart. It's a very tough sport. You have to like what you do.



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