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Interview With Frank Shamrock
by Ben Tatar

Frank Shamrock 1) BT: How did it all begin? What motivated you to be a full contact fighter?

Frank Shamrock: Wow, you know, I got in by accident. I dropped out of college, my dad wanted me to get a job, and he told me to do the wrestling thing. My brother was doing it and the rest was history.

2) BT: What was the craziest thing that you have ever experienced in a fight?

Frank Shamrock: Well, one time I was so dehydrated in a fight that my mouth was so dry and since my mouth was so dry, I had trouble breathing for 8 minutes. So I clinched in the stand up wrestling position and I actually licked the sweat off my opponents shoulders! And after I licked the sweat off my opponents shoulder, I recovered. Then I was able to kick his ass!!

3) BT: What fights will you remember the most?

Frank Shamrock: I will never forget when I defeated Olympic Wrestler Kevin Jackson in seconds. The other most memorable fight was when I made Tito Ortiz tap out.

4) BT: Who was your toughest opponent ever?

Frank Shamrock: My toughest opponent was Enson Inoue.

5) BT: What is your mental training like before a fight?

Frank Shamrock: I do a lot of visualization before a fight and I do a lot of visualization before my training. I also do a lot of deep breathing and stretching. The deep breathing and stretching really does it for me.

6) BT: Tell us about your weight training routine, diet and cardio before a fight?

Frank Shamrock: I train with weights 4 days a week and I use a general push and pull routine with my whole body in one week. For cardio I do ten weeks of cardio vascular training and then I do my sprawling. I then do track and field conditioning and plyometrics. For Submissive fighting, I spare, wrestling two days a week and I do two-three sessions per day. Each session is about an hour and 20 minutes long.

7) BT: What was the coolest thing that you ever did while you were training?

Frank Shamrock: For the coolest thing, one day I was doing plyometric rope drills and before I did them I was eating sour cream and onion chips. Right in the middle of the plyometric rope drills, I vomited my lunch all over the place right in mid air.

8) BT: Awesome. Hey, my friend the president of www.criticalbench.com Mike Westerdal and I made a bet. He thinks that Ken Shamrock has benched a little over 500 (525) in his prime and I think his bench press max was in the late 400s (475) and that he just missed 500. Do you know what Ken's best bench was?

Frank Shamrock: Well Ken was way up in the 400s during his prime. He never hit 500. I believe his best bench was 475.

Frank Sharmrock

9) BT: So Frank what was it like having Ken Shamrock as your brother?

Frank Shamrock: He was a pretty nice dude. He is my brother, so he isn't too much different than me. We are much the same.

10) BT: Frank who do you think is the greatest fighter that ever lived?

Frank Shamrock: Me. I am the best fighter ever.

11) BT: Being the World's Best Fighter what would you like to tell the beginner who wants to be the next World's Best?

Frank Shamrock: My advice would be to get in good shape and find a good teacher.

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12) BT: What is the best advice that a teacher has given you, and what is the worse advice a teacher has ever given you?

Frank Sharmrock Frank Shamrock: The best advice that I ever heard was "Keep your hands up". The worse advice was that I had a coach that told me to put heating rubs on after you train. The problem is after you train your pores are opened so it goes into your flesh and burns it.

13) BT: Who is your biggest mentor?

Frank Shamrock: My mentor is Maurice Smith.

14) What are your future goals?

Frank Shamrock: After I change the world through martial arts, I'm going to do a REALITY SHOW. I'm then going to start a fighting league, have children and I'm going to keep working out.

15) How do you see the future of full contact fighting?

Frank Shamrock: It's going to be the next big sport. I don't know what flavor it will be when it gets there, but it will be the next big sport.

16) BT: Frank is there anything else you would like to tell the thousands of people reading your interview?

Frank Shamrock: I'm opening a big new Training Center in San Jose! Stop by, it's just beautiful!





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