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Interview With Ultimate Fighter Forrest Griffin
published with permission from Frank Bishop

Forrest Griffin Frank: So Forrest, what have you been up to since your fight with Tito?

Forrest: Getting fat. No really really fat and lots of traveling promotional stuff etc.

Frank: Looking back, and I know you hate to think what if, or what should I have done, etc. let's put it this way...would you like to fight Tito again, and do you know what you would do differently the next time, and do you think this fight will eventually happen?

Forrest: I will fight the first round for starters! The boxing has got to be better... more in and out and countering his combos instead of running. And hell, maybe just block or slip like one f'en jab. Of course this fight well happen again because we both want it to.

Frank: Was Tito your toughest opponent so far, if not, who?

Forrest: Well I dont know...Horn knocked me out so probly him. In the Horn fight, I remember he shot a takedown and I said to myself "guard wont be so bad. " I was so tired I didn't even fight it hate myself for that to this day.

Frank: What have you been doing training wise since the Tito fight, and do you know who you're fighting next(anyone you'd like to fight?)? The news was that you would fight Ken, but then Tito seemed to be healthy again and took the fight.

Forrest: Well, I would have liked to fight Ken but now I dont know who I will fight next or when.

Frank: You have lots of myspace friends and they want to know these things the most: 1)What are some tips for someone just starting out, as in diet, which martial art to start with, and ways to improve cardio, and 2)Do you have a girlfriend?

Forrest: The first question is too hard ,so I would have to say just stick with it. Diet and cardio-I just do the same thing everybody else does .

Yes I have a girlfriend. The not look or accepting other offers type and I'm not saying that for her sake she will never see this. Studding it out is fine if you're drinking, partying ect, but there's nothing better than having someone you know loves you and has your best interest at heart there to lean on when things get hard.

Frank: OK, Onto some more non fighting subjects: Seen any good movies lately? Books?

Forrest: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/ Brick/ The United States of leeland-movies and of course Grandmas Boy Books the last two I read were The Kite Runner and The Sea Wolf

Frank: thanks Forrest...Anyone you want to thank?

Forrest : Adam and Rory Singer, The HardCore Gym, Frank Bishop, Mike Pyle, Roy Nelson (jits coach), John Wood, Ron Fraizer (boxing coach), Mark Beecher (Thai coach), Jay Hieron, Gray Manadard, Alex Schoenauer, Andrew Rosseta (strength and conditioning coach).

Forrest Griffin




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