Weight Lifting, Weight Training, Bench Press & Bodybuilding
Interview With Mixed Martial Artist Fabiano Pegaleve Scherner
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

1) CRITICAL BENCH: How did your fighting career begin?

Fabiano: I liked fights since I was younger. I didn't sleep before Mike Tyson would fight.

2) CRITICAL BENCH: Well, you obviously emulated the fighters and became a great fighter. Which brings me to my next question, All fighters/athletes who make it big, have incredible moments. You have been very successful. So what has been the biggest miracle that you have conquered in your fighting career?

Fabiano: I ruptured the ligments in my right knee in my first fight and i still kept fighting,and won!

3) CRITICAL BENCH: What a display of courage! Outside of your fights, what fights do you find to be the most memorable?

Fabiano: mike tyson and holyfield,and minotauro and bob sapp

4) CRITICAL BENCH: All great fights, who was the best fighter that you have ever fought against?

Fabiano: assuerio silva

Fabiano 5) CRITICAL BENCH: What do you think about before fighting and going against such an opponent?

Fabiano: I try not to think about the problems in life. I relax, watch movies and play video games.

6) CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your weight training routine, diet and cardio before a fight?

Fabiano: i lift weights 4 times in a week. On monday's, i work my chest,tuesday my back,thursday shoulders,friday legs,and saturdays i do explosion and endurance training. For cardio i work 4 times in a week before lift weights. my diet is about 50%carbs,30%protein and 20%fat.

Fabiano 7) CRITICAL BENCH: fighting has had to have made you stronger away from the gym and the fights. So in your "living on the edge/dare devil like style", what has been your most amazing, and scariest moment away this far?

Fabiano: when my parachute didn't open

8) CRITICAL BENCH: What is your family like?

Fabiano: My family lives in south brazil,florianopolis,in santa catarina,and i see them during the weekends. We eat lots a food, tell jokes, all family things....

9) CRITICAL BENCH: In your opinion, from experience, what does it take to be a champion?

Fabiano:focus, the desire to be a champion,persistence and you need to be ready for a lot pain in your way,but the sentation after u win,compensate everything...

Fabiano 10) CRITICAL BENCH: Who is your biggest mentor?

Fabiano: my young brother,cristiano

11) CRITICAL BENCH: What's next for you, for everyone following your career?

Fabiano: Watch out for my fight in croatia on December 17th

12) CRITICAL BENCH: What are your closing words?

I want to thank everyone who has ever trusted me. Special thanks to my fans,friends and family




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