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May 18, 2024

Interview With Light Weight Strongman
Competitor Easton Taylor

Interviewed By Ben Tatar - January 2009

Interview With Light Weight Strongman Competitor Easton Taylor

Lets meet LightWeight strongman competitor Easton Taylor. Easton started out training as a 145lb goof, then became a competitive 245lbs strongman competitor. He has had many injuries throughout his journey as a strongman but tough as nails, he always comes back. We look forward to seeing what this tough strongman warrior has in store next. Let's meet Easton Taylor!

CRITICAL BENCH: Easton welcome to Critical Bench. What is your height and weight?

My height is 5'9, I weigh between 240 and 245. I cut to 231 for competitions.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your best lifts?

As for weights. Dead lift 500lbs X 6 reps, Bench 405lbs, Zercher Squat 455lbs and OHP 300lbs.

CRITICAL BENCH: Very strong across the board. What made you choose strongman over bodybuilding and power lifting? Do you think strongman competing is more fun and if so why?

Interview With Light Weight Strongman Competitor Easton Taylor Strongman is more fun. At any given show, the events will be different. You have to be dynamic and strong. I realize that being an elite power lifter takes a toll on your body in ways I can't afford. I didn't want to be limited to the same 3 events every competition. Bodybuilding I couldn't do. Watching my Uncle get ready for comps was mind blowing. Diet, Diet, Diet. I live for pizza, beer and chocolate to be blunt. I have the utmost respect for both of the PL guys and the BB guys.

CRITICAL BENCH: List 5 things about
strongmen that you love.

  1. The way the Pros interact with the Amateur's. It is awesome. Our sport is small, the pros are willing to help you out.

  2. The buzz of the crowd and how they view you.

  3. Camaraderie between athletes.

  4. The family like atmosphere.

  5. The challenge.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your 5 favorite strongman events?

  1. Axle Clean and Press. There's nothing like putting weight over your head.

  2. Atlas Stones. They are challenging.

  3. Log Lift. It's a completely different type of lift.

  4. Tire Flip. There's nothing like taking an 800lb tire for a 100ft journey.

  5. Dead lift. That is the hardest event, because it takes your whole body.

CRITICAL BENCH: Have you done a lot of competitions of late?

Not that many. Camp Pendleton's Strongest Warrior in 2003 and 2004. Took some time off, did the Marine thing. A bunch of injuries occurred, had numerous knee operations and wrist problems. Came back in late 2006. Finally got healthy middle of 2008 and now I am making my run for 2009. I am competing in California's Strongest Man on December 6th.

CRITICAL BENCH: Were you always big? How are you different now than when you were in high school?

I was very different. I went from a 145lb goof to a 245lb man.

CRITICAL BENCH: What would you like to tell the future generation of strongman what to do when they train and what not to do?

Listen, listen, listen to the people that have walked this road before you. They have a ton of knowledge. Grow some thick skin. As a starting strongman I would train events at least twice a week, with 2 days in the gym. Gym strength does not translate into event strength. Learning how to do the events properly will pay dividends later. Remember Rome wasn't built overnight. It takes time and effort.

Interview With Light Weight Strongman Competitor Easton Taylor

CRITICAL BENCH: Give us your most hardcore and your funniest strongman story?

Most hardcore story ever? That would be Pro-Strongman Nick Best hitting 15 reps on the 600lbs Axle Dead lift at America's Strongest Man this year. Funniest story? I was squatting and felt something rip in my shorts. I was like oh great. Sure enough that was me in the middle of the gym squatting with my chonies for everyone to see. I finished the set and went on to the next exercise.

CRITICAL BENCH: Away from strongman training what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy cooking. When I am not training, you will find me in the kitchen or manning the BBQ, or watching Food Network. I am actually enrolled to a very fine culinary school in Las Vegas. I also enjoy working on racecars and hanging out with friends.

CRITICAL BENCH: Earlier you told us you overcame adversities, in specific, what are the adversities that you had to overcome?

Injuries have been my biggest adversities. Over a stretch of 4 years I could not get healthy to save my life. If it wasn't one thing is was another. Knee operations (3 to be exact), motorcycle wreck (shattered my wrist) slipped disc in my back. My doctors love me.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your future goals?

I want to turn pro as a Light Weight. Get through culinary school. When the time comes, be a good husband and father. Live a simple, yet plentiful life.

CRITICAL BENCH: Why should all men be strong?

Interview With Light Weight Strongman Competitor Easton Taylor We are the back bone of the world. Males are designed to be strong. I can't imagine life without my strength. It brings a sense of well being and pride. However, here is a tid bit of info guys. I firmly and honestly believe that and quote me on this. "Behind every successful man, there has been a woman in his life kicking him in the ass"

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your diet and what are your favorite supplements?

I have a horrible diet. I eat basically what I want within reason. Steak and potatoes are my base and I eat a lot of them. I drink a ton of milk and ice tea. As for supplements. I take the basics. I drink a ton of Whey protein, Glutamine, Creatine, Multi Vita, Chromium. I am sponsored by American Cellular Labs. I take their Tren Xtreme, MMA-3, HMG, and liver support.

CRITICAL BENCH: What makes you different from everyone else?

My attitude. I am very docile and quiet even in training. When most people jump and holler after a huge lift, I shrug my shoulders, smile and say, "that was heavy." I am willing to take the time and help fellow competitors with training and advice.

CRITICAL BENCH: What makes you happy and what makes you tick?

A big steak and some Buffalo Wild Wings makes me happy. Good company and good music. What makes me tick? Life makes me tick.

CRITICAL BENCH: What goes through your head before attempting a big lift?

I really don't acknowledge the weight. I don't let it bother me. I hunker down in my mind that it is going up. My friends say I get quiet and I get "the stare". Then it is game time.

CRITICAL BENCH: What drives you to be the best?

To prove to myself that I belong in the top ranks of this sport. People have told me my whole life I wouldn't amount to anything, now I am having my laugh.

Interview With Light Weight Strongman Competitor Easton Taylor

CRITICAL BENCH: What are you going to remember most about your strength journey?

The absolute fun I have had. I enjoy this. I enjoy the friendships that I have made.

CRITICAL BENCH: Easton it has been awesome hearing about your strongman journey. Truly a success story it has been. In closing who would you like to thank?

First and foremost God. Second my Uncle. He started with a 145lb goofy teenager and turned him in a 245 lb man. Without him none of this would have ever been possible. I couldn't ever thank him enough. My training partner Nick Best and Jay Hagadorn. My family, both blood and extended. I love you guys. Last my good luck charm Karebear.....18 years is a long time

Interview With Light Weight Strongman Competitor Easton Taylor


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