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Interview With UFC Fighter Dean Lister
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - March 2009

Interview With UFC Fighter Dean Lister

CRITICAL BENCH: Dean, we all know who you are, an amazing full contact and UFC fighter so I won't even have you introduce yourself to Critical Bench. However, welcome to Critical Bench and it is great to have you.

Dean Lister: Thank you.

CRITICAL BENCH: Dean, what is your favorite part about being a fighter?

Dean Lister: My favorite part about being a fighter is having the ability to be able train with so many great athletes. I am also addicted to the competition

CRITICAL BENCH: What is your mental training like before a fight? What is going on through your mind before facing your fears before a fight?

Dean Lister: Actually I use to be afraid of fighting when I was a kid but when I was living in Brazil, I started learning jujitsu. After I was getting picked on as a kid, I eventually fell in love with the art and fighting just seemed like a natural progression

CRITICAL BENCH: Do you think Bravery was something you were born with or do you think it was something that you learned?

Dean Lister: I think more of it as something you must develop and test. It's all about facing your fears

Interview With UFC Fighter Dean Lister

CRITICAL BENCH: Do you have a coach or anyone who has helped you overcome your fears? If so, how does he teach you?

Dean Lister: I have a coach who teaches me to visualize everything from walking to the cage and making every move

CRITICAL BENCH: Do you feel like you have mastered your mental preparation?

Dean Lister: I don't think you can ever say that you have mastered being mentally prepared.

CRITICAL BENCH: Dean, so far in your fighting career what has been the craziest thing that you have gone through?

Dean Lister: Craziest thing I have gone through is when I first fought Jeremy Horn. I took some Tylenol before my fight and during the fight. I got cut and I was like a waterfall of blood and I found out later that Tylenol thins out your blood so that wasn't a good move on my part

CRITICAL BENCH: That is interesting. Dean, If you could fight any celeb, entertainer or pro athlete in the world who would you pick and why?

Dean Lister: Hulk Hogan, so I can say I beat "Thunderlips"

CRITICAL BENCH: I know this is a no brainer but if you fought Hulk Hogan in a real fight what exactly would happen?

Dean Lister: I would go after those bum knees. I would stay away from the pythons

Interview With UFC Fighter Dean Lister CRITICAL BENCH: What about Andre the Giant or Big Show, would they be tough to take? How would you beat them!

Dean Lister: I would run until they gassed out and I could lock in a rear naked choke

CRITICAL BENCH: What about Stone Cold Steve Austin? Would you rather have a WWE match against him or UFC style fight?

Dean Lister: I would want a UFC Style match at WrestleMania

CRITICAL BENCH: What entrance music what would you choose and who would go to the ring with you?

Dean Lister: I would love to have a sweet entrance like The Undertaker. No valet

CRITICAL BENCH: Would you like to face The Undertaker at Wrestle Mania? And then after they see you beat Hogan and the Undertaker the REST of the world will believe that they can if they learned how to fight from you!

Dean Lister: No, he is too cool. I met him at Brock's first UFC fight with Stone Cold and they actually knew who I was which kind of gave me a big head for a few minutes

CRITICAL BENCH: What was it like meeting the Undertaker and Stone Cold?

They are cool as hell. I grew up watching The Undertaker and Stone Cold. They just look like the guys who would beat his boss's ass. Very cool guys

CRITICAL BENCH. Speaking of Brock Lesnar, he is the UFC Champion. How would he fair against Fedor?

Dean Lister: I think when you have the power that Brock has you can't help but think he has to be top 2 to possibly beat Fedor.

CRITICAL BENCH: What WWE guys would be great for UFC and what UFC guys would be great for WWE?

Dean Lister: I think Bobby Lashley would be good in UFC because he is a NCAA champion wrestler. I definitely would like to see Tito Ortiz in the WWE.

CRITICAL BENCH: Would you rather see Tito Ortiz in the WWE or UFC?

Interview With UFC Fighter Dean Lister Dean Lister: WWE so I can see Tito in that light.

CRITICAL BENCH: Who has been your toughest opponent thus far?

Dean Lister: I have to say it was Okami

CRITICAL BENCH: What would you say has been your toughest fight?

Dean Lister: With Nate I got caught with a knee in the first round and I don't remember the fight from that point on. I was on auto pilot and survived

CRITICAL BENCH: When you look back at that moment do you remember it as more powerful and important than just basic happy/peaceful moments that most people experience at some point?

Dean Lister: You always feel you are under a microscope so it magnifies things more I think

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about your DVD that is now out!

Dean Lister: It is actually my second DVD and this one follows me throughout Europe as I was touring with the band KORN. It's more of a documentary of the life of a friend of a famous band more than anything.

My first DVD was a little more instructional. I go over some moves with various coaches and fighters on my first trip to Europe. You can see clips at www.deanlister.com

CRITICAL BENCH: What was your favorite fight so far?

Dean Lister: I really enjoyed my rematch with Horn. I submitted him in the 2nd round. When I won the KOTC title and also when I made my debut against Sakara who was touted as the next big threat to Chuck. I submitted him in the first

CRITICAL BENCH: Dean, what is your advice for everyone out there so they can be the best?

Dean Lister: Always believe in what you are doing and train with as many people as possible so you can learn different techniques

CRITICAL BENCH: Dean, you get along with all fighters. Most people can't. How do you do it?

Dean Lister: I always offer to teach guys anything I can and in return they do the same

Interview With UFC Fighter Dean Lister

CRITICAL BENCH: Here is a good question for you, if you fought during the early days of the UFC do you think you would have won? Do you think you would win all the past UFC tournaments and have an undefeated record like Royce Gracie?

Dean Lister: I would have a great shot that's for sure

CRITICAL BENCH: Well, Dean it has been great talking to you today. We wish you all the best with your fighting ahead and looking forward to seeing more of you on TV.

Thanks for the interview.


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