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March 5, 2024
Interview With Christi Witmer

by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com

Christi Witmer Christi Witmer is a GODDESS!!! She is like all the other fitness models, BUT, one major difference- This babe has benched 405 in training!!!! She is married to superstar athlete and hardcore weight lifter- Mike Witmer.. who is an amazing football coach, 750lbs bencher and hardcore strongman! There is one thing that Christi generates in others-YOU WILL NEVER EVER FORGET HER…. Lets listen to what this female of beauty and power had to say…..

BT: Christi, can you give Critical Bench readers some insight of who you are?

Christi: My name is Christi Witmer, I'm married to Mike Witmer, my training partner, I'm a nail tech. I'm a mother of two. At the time of this interview I just had a baby boy! What a feeling!!!

BT: Can you tell Critical Bench readers about your routine?

Christi: We use Westside style training. We pick a max effort exercise, and change it every week, either using bands or chains, and tons of tricep work(5 board press, skull crushers etc...) and a lot of bodybuilding type stuff during the week.

Christi Witmer BT: Yes change is a must to go to the next level!!! But, why do you feel that bodybuilding exercises should be incorporated into a powerlifters routine?

Christi: Bodybuilding helps you build a good base, hits on weaknesses and keeps the injuries down to a minimum

BT: What's it like training with your husband 750+ bencher, amazing squatter/deadlifter Mike Witmer and Bench Monster Ryan Kennelly?

Christi: I couldn't do any of what I have done without Mike or Ryan! partners push you, support you, and of course help with all the gear, and can watch you, and see technical flaws.

BT: Hell yeah!! Yeah, baby! The road to excellence- But, what made you go from being a Fitness Model to a hardcore powerlifter?

Christi: When Mike started training me, I was going to do fitness shows. He had me do basic movements. I started with just the bar on benches, Mike added weight every week, in about a month, Mike and Ryan couldn't believe it, I was easily doing 135 for 12 reps! I only weighed 132!!!! The rest is history!

Christi Witmer BT: Cool!!! 135x12 for the first time ever is awesome!!! I don't think I could have benched the bar for 12 the first time I ever benched.. So, were you always very strong?

Christi: Yes, I grew up in the country, with two huge brothers. I had to do a lot of lifting and manual working! I was always very strong! Plus I rode horses a lot at a very young age, so I was always very developed and strong!

BT: So, what has been your most memorable experience so far with training?

CHRSTI WITMER: Since I'm relatively new to this sport, I really only have one memorable experience. While training in the gym, in my "girlie" attire, little spandex, and half shirt, a lot of the guys like to try and be "flirty" and say slick little lines. Well, one day, there were a few guys on an incline bench, working with dumbbells. They were struggling with the 70lb dumbbells. I worked in, on the bench next to them. I started doing incline dumbbell presses also. I started with the 40's for 8 reps. worked my way up to the 90's. All the way up, before each set, the guys would ask if I needed a spot, among other things I wasn't supposed to hear. I would just shake my head no, and go on. I got to the 90's. Mike and Ryan came and handed them to me, I powered out 8 reps with these dumbbells! The young guys, grabbed all of there equipment and hastely got out of there! The funny thing was, not only were these youngsters intimidated by my lift, but the sight of two big gorillas, Mike and Ryan, picking these 90 lb dumbbells up like paper, and handing them to me! The guys were in awe!!

BT: Nice!!! THAT IS AN AWESOME STORY!! So, how does it feel being a beautiful chick who can out bench 98% of men?

Christi: I love it!!!! it's so funny, if I train alone somewhere, and pseudo bodybuilders start giving me training advice, then I start to train, and I'm stronger than them. It's a lot of fun! Plus, I love to show people that not all female powerlifters, are big slobs, or not attractive! I took some pictures for the APA women of powerlifting calendar! There are a bunch of world class women lifters that look like dolls!

Christi Witmer BT: Yeah- You get to AMAZE yourself a lot more now that you can perform amazing feats as well as look gorgeous-Have you sacrificed cardio to put on all this extra strength?

Christi: No, I feel cardio is very important, not only for your health, but helps you recover between sets or attempts in a meet. During peaking, I'll do a stationary bike for 30 minutes, 4 days a week. I usually cut it out the last 2 weeks.

BT: Do you eat a lot?

Christi: I usually eat 5 meals, in a typical day. Breakfast usually being a shake and cream of wheat, the rest of my meals usually a shake, or chicken and brown rice, or a turkey sandwich on wheat bread. My biggest problem is eating all my meals. Mike always has to make sure I'm eating! I still have my girlie ways!

BT: What do you feel is the biggest mistake beginners make and what is your advice for beginners?

Christi: I know mine was over training! Too many sets and too many exercises, and too many days of training! Beginners get eager, and try to do every exercise they see! Remember you must Learn from every workout, listen to experienced people, and listen to your body, if you feel tired or sore, take it easy! Every workout isn't going to be a PR (personal record) day!

BT: Yep, self discipline and patience can be tough for the hardcore warrior! But, it's all about extremes and balances.. If not the animal from within loses desire and gets killed by discipline… and only he can eat past barriers… So can you tell us about the importance of diet and recovery?

Christi: Diet and recovery is probably what's most important- I can definitely tell when I don't eat enough, I miss my max attempts, and feel awful. I can also tell when I'm not sleeping enough, and not recovering. So, definitely, get your sleep, and eat 5-6 quality meals!

BT: Yeah, great idea, we know powerlifting can be a long and a tough road if you do everything natural… But, you can create yourself into a hardcore iron warrior a lot faster if you take advantage of supplements- SO WHAT SUPPLEMENTS DO YOU TAKE?

Christi: I like creatine, whey protein, and glutamine.

BT: Yep, and those are just the details-And that can be the devil if they are thought of before intensity, as the devil is INTENSITY so I'm glad you found meaning and a passion with powerlifting… But most of all… What has powerlifting taught you?

Christi: it has taught me that nothing is out of reach, to strive for your goals! And powerlifting is Survival of the physically and mentally strongest

BT: In closing…Christi you know the secret…. TELL CRITICAL BENCHERS the key to release the monster on the weights and be a champion…. TELL THEM THE KEY!!!

Christi: The key is HEART and DESIRE!!!!

BT: YEAH!!! YEA!!! YAA!!!!! Best wishes to Christi, Mike, their son and we know that with their minds of no limits- That we might be talking to the mother of one of the greatest athletes who ever lived…Congratulations to Christi on her successful road as a powerlifter….. Critical Bench.

Christi Witmer, Ben Tatar, Mike Witmer

Christi, Ben and Mike


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