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May 28, 2023
Interview With Natural Pro Bodybuilder Sean Larson
by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - January 07

Musclemania Pro Sean Larson CRITICAL BENCH: I am here with the big, wild, strong, sliced, vicious, insane, scary and crazy animal himself from Musclemania, Sean Larson! Sean, welcome to Critical Bench you hardcore Musclemania Maniac legend!

Sean Larson : Yo, Big Bench Ben and all you critical bench freaks are you ready for the baddest interview ever! I said are you ready for the craziest freakin interview ever!! I'm ready to make this Interview BLOWW!

CRITICAL BENCH: The Tataaaa Monstaarrr and the strength and bodybuilding freaks and Planet Critical Bench are ready! Lets blow this baby up!!

Sean Larson: Good!!!! Bring on your first question Big Bench Ben!

CRITICAL BENCH: Sean where do you compete, where are you from and where do you work?

Sean Larson: Well, I'm a Musclemania Professional Bodybuilder! I'm from Plainfield, Connecticut and work as a High Stakes Professional Black Jack Dealer at Mohegan Sun Resort Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut.

CRITICAL BENCH: That's an awesome job. I use to go with my friend to the Mohegan Sun all the time who was like the "Rainman" from Tom Cruise's movie but crazier. That's a badass place to work! Getting serious now, how did you get started in bodybuilding?

Sean Larson : I initially started training to increase my strength and size for the Plainfield Football team. GET IT UP BLACK!!!! One off season I gained 35 lbs. from my training and the Sea-Food Diet. I was always very muscular as a child, but increased my potential by weight training. I started competing in shows when I was 20. When I was 19 I was discovered on the beach and was encouraged to compete the following year.

CRITICAL BENCH: Hahaha, and after you were discovered on the beach the Sean Larson freak show had begun! Just look at Sean's video below. You do like to put on a show and send your fans into some sort of "euphoria" state of mind, haha! Okay everyone, look at the video of Sean's video below at your own risk. (Viewer discretion is advised.) Sean, after putting on a freak show like that as we see in the video, what type of reaction do you usually get from the audience? Do they love it, do they call you names, do they freak out? How do most people respond?

Sean Larson Video Compliments of FitnessAtlantic.com

Sean Larson: The initial reaction is priceless. Your family and friends are all out there in the crowd screaming hysterically, but let me tell you that you need their energy to keep you going throughout the competition. My performances are never rehearsed. Other competitors always ask me who my choreographer is.... Yeah, I don't have one. There are certain poses that display your physique. There are the best and those are the ones that you wanna use in your routine. Plus it doesn't hurt that this white-boy can break it off, strait from the "Boogey Down"...B.X. Style... ya Heard!! WHAT??!!! I always bring the heat to the stage in my performances. I'm there to compete, I'm there to win, but, I'm also there to entertain. These shows can be very long. I don't want anyone sleeping through my routine. They're either gonna shake their head in disbelief... or their head is gonna explode from laughing and cheering for the KID. STAND UP!!!!!

Bodybuilder Sean Larson CRITICAL BENCH: Sean, I think that your interview is probably inspiring many people around the world to want to see you perform or have a discussion with you since you are such an original character. You must have had many awesome and wild experiences, what experience will go down as your most memorable one?

Sean Larson: Going Professional was and always be the highlight of my career. To be the absolute best in a line-up of tremendous athletes is an unbelievable feeling. I hit my Diet and my true Potential on the day. I looked flawless, Posed my ass off in the overall and took it home Brotha!!!

CRITICAL BENCH: Sean , getting more down to Earth now. What is your number 1 tip for all bodybuilders out there?

Sean Larson: My number one tip for all trainers beginning and advanced would be CONSISTENCY. I look at a lot of people and their potential, but their potential means nothing if they don't have consistency. Me? I'm perpetual. Day after day I'm in there bangin the S@#T out of myself with my weight training and I've outlasted them all. I'm constant. Even though I've got some strains and bruises I'm still getting my work done in the gym day in and day out!

CRITICAL BENCH: You have more energy and charisma than most! What separates Sean Larson from the rest of the bodybuilders?

Sean Larson : Everyone knows me for one thing..... My PERSONALITY. I'm a complete F#@!ING LUNATIC. When I'm on stage I do not want to be JUST a SPECTACLE.... I'm heard whereva I go. I talk very loud sometimes when I'm around everyone. My friends and family love me and are very proud of me. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make it and give them something to be proud of and it's my personality that's gonna help me achieve that.

Sean Larson Pic CRITICAL BENCH: Well, your personality and physique shines! I think you make Greg Valentino appear normal! Haha! So, give us your training routine and your diet?

Sean Larson : Well right now I have a great program. My week starts on Tuesday- Chest Abs Cardio, Wednesday- Back Cardio, Thursday- Cardio, Friday- Shoulders Abs, Saturday- Biceps and Triceps, Sunday or Monday- Legs. Right now I've compiled a tremendous program incorporating a little off season cardio plus another meal. I'm very excited bout it. In season I split my Leg training into two separate days, Thursday- Quads Calves, Sunday- Hamstrings Calves Cardio. Also I do more cardio in season to shred!!!!

CRITICAL BENCH: Interesting routine. How does your family feel about your bodybuilding success? Do they support you and feel like you have superman like talents or do they feel like you belong in some sort of circus?

Sean Larson : They love it... Everyone is so supportive of all my endeavors. I remember at the Musclemania New England Championships in Boston, my Father, who has never seen my Prejudging or Performances, told me that it was the greatest thing he's ever seen me do. I reap all the accolades from my parents. My Mom is a great fan and loves to see her baby eat after 4-5 months of training and dieting.

CRITICAL BENCH: How do you see the future of the sport of bodybuilding? Do you ever think that bodybuilding will be a mainstream sport?

Sean Larson : First. For bodybuilding to become a mainstream sport it needs to eliminate all the drugs involved such as, anabolic steroids, growth hormones, and insulin's. Being a Natural Pro like myself, the mainstream public can't decipher the differences in the federations. They automatically draw the conclusion that I'M on steroids not knowing fair well that I'm a drug tested athlete and totally against the usage. So to answer the question about it going mainstream.. No. A change has to be made. The future of the sport relies on the athletes themselves. To promote a healthier lifestyle and to preach proper nutrition. Especially to the children!!

CRITICAL BENCH: True. I think you are a pioneer to evolve the sport of bodybuilding. They need wild, bad ass, and hardcore personalities like you for ratings! You definitely are one of the best to take bodybuilding to a whole new level. What is the craziest thing that you have seen in the gym? And what is the craziest thing that you have done in the gym?

Sean Larson : Well, I haven't seen any really crazy things in my club, Flex Fitness. I'm just about the craziest F!@#ING thing in the gym when I'm in the zone...Sweaty, Bloody, Numb!!!

The craziest thing I've done in the gym was when I was 18 I was Barbell Shruggin a Stupid amount of weight, and my wrist wraps were too tight. To the point where after the set, my friend Danny Bryant yelled, "JESUS DUDE LOOK AT YOUR HAND!!!" The Pressure from the weight and my wrist wraps caused ALL of my fingers to bleed out of my finger nails. My fingers were dripping with blood. "CLEAN UP IN AILE 2, THE SQUAT RACK!!" Yeah so I took A PLATE off.... I still had two more sets.

CRITICAL BENCH: SICK! What are your future goals?

Sean Larson : My future goals for one, is to become a world champion. Every Professional Athlete wants to sit atop the mountain that they've struggled to climb. I've set this goal, but being a Natural Professional, I need calories to increase my muscularity. I need to eat. So I've planned to take some time off to grow as a man and an athlete. Another goal is to be a leader in the fight against anabolic steroids. I already have a RESISTANCE program with the Montville High School. Teach weight training and the drug free lifestyle to children.... It's very important to me. Being a voice and having it heard is monumental.

Sean Larson a Drug Free Advocate

CRITICAL BENCH: Sean, right now I'm going to crown you the Critical Bench say no to steroids athlete of the month! Awesome job! YAA! Okay, Sean what has been your favorite moment, craziest, most memorable and funniest moment in bodybuilding?

Sean Larson : My favorite moment in Bodybuilding is definitely going Professional in the Atlantic Championships in 05'.


The Craziest was competing in an NPC Non drug tested show. I was so out of my league. Yeah everyone in my class was the same weight but they were 5 inches shorter than me. Drugged out, McDonald's eating, Bit@!-Tittied, Cheaters!! I hope your Mom's proud!! A!@Holes!!

Most Memorable-

Most Memorable is the New England Championships in Boston 03' That was an unbelievable experience for myself and my family. I took my class and had the bomb performance of the night. I killed it.


The Funniest was when my good friend Chad Whitcomb and I competed in the Atlantic Championships in 01'. We were warming up in the back dressing room... mind you it was the size of a broom closet and was about 100 degrees, and Chad says out loud,"Jeez, Gets kinda WARM in these WARM-UP rooms!!" Everyone was laughin their a!@ off. Now that's comedy!!

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us your mental game when you train?

Hell I rarely even take off my sweatshirt when I train. You wanna impress me?? Have your Kidney Removed and then go Professional in Bodybuilding Nine months later. Yeah Thought So!!! Anyway, I need an adequate amount of reps to target muscle growth, 6-12 depending on the movement. Heavy presses tend to lean more toward a lower rep range, but not below 6. Isolation moves are when I hit a 12-15, fluid and controlled. My Mental "Game" is simple it's not a F@!#ING "Game".

CRITICAL BENCH: Tell us about the most intense workout you have ever been through?

Which day? Everyday I break the pain barriers and propel myself into a new intensity. I've bled, puked, and passed-out. All for the sport of Competitive Bodybuilding. And that was just this Morning!!! Just kidding!! I bring the intensity to my game for a purpose... to construct the most symmetrical, proportionate, well-conditioned, physique that my body will allow, genetically. Without the use of DRUGS!!

CRITICAL BENCH: Critical Bench owner Mike Westerdal is a friend of Brian Cannone's Fitness Atlantic where you started out. You have succedded there. Tell us about your experiences with Fitness Atlantic.

Promoter Brian Cannone is the absolute best Promoters around. Hands down he runs an unbelievable show and year after year it gets better and BIGGER. The East Haven Performing Arts Center is a great stage. The show grows with each year he might have to check into renting a bigger venue. Last show they had to turn people away because it was beyond capacity. I took second in the Atlantic Pro and won some charitable funds that I donated to the Children of St. Judes Hospital. It's a great cause. Brian's show is the reason I started competing for Musclemania. Brian is a great promoter and friend.

CRITICAL BENCH: Since you have competed and succeeded, what is your advice for the off season bodybuilder who wants to compete?

Sean Larson Fitness Atlantic Competing in Bodybuilding is an excellent experience and also very spiritual. Read and Learn all you can and experiment with your body and it's metabolism. To compete you need to be virtually "Fat-Free" The judges can't see your muscularity if it's cover by that off season winter jacket of subcutaneous FAT. FATSO! It's an unbelievable experience to master the art of the "Self". You'll know more about yourself than you think.

CRITICAL BENCH: Sean, it has been great interviewing a drug free bodybuilding star who is as passionate as you! This has to be one of the most explosive interviews ever! I think you might have set a record! This interview has been crazy, inspiring and professional all at the same time. I love it ! Is there anyone who you would like to thank or anything else that you would like to say?

Hell yaaaaaaaa!!! I would like to thank everybody who has believed in me over the past nine years throughout my competitive career. Every Pound, Every Repetition, Every Drop of Sweat, has made me who I am Today. I am very Proud of all of my accomplishments and it's EVERYONE I need to thank for that. I will keep climbing the mountain and with my fingers bloody I will not stop until I reach it's peak. Thank You, I Love You All!!


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